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vendredi 28 avril 2017

The iPhone 8’s Battery May Be So Powerful It Could Leave Competitors In The Dust


The perpetual complaint about the iPhone has always been battery life. Everybody wants a long-lasting battery, but fitting one in the iPhone’s tiny case has been a challenge. Now, it looks like Apple will finally address the question with the iPhone 8.

Business Insider has an overview of analysts talking the iPhone 8’s battery, and while they don’t agree how Apple is going to get there, they do agree that Apple is fitting the iPhone 8 with the battery capacity of the iPhone 7 Plus, which currently leads the pack at about 9 hours (on full blast) before needing a recharge. The iPhone 8 might actually beat that, thanks in part to its smaller and more energy efficient OLED screen and other components that will sip electrons out of your battery instead of guzzling them. In particular, Apple will likely upgrade the processor. In addition, rumors have it, the logic board, which is basically the nerve center of your phone, will be smaller and more efficient as well.

Of course, there’s a risk in packing a big ol’ battery into a tiny little space. Just ask Samsung, which has angered the battery gods on more than one occasion. But if any company can pull it off, it’s Apple, and a longer life will only help the iPhone 8.

(Via Business Insider)

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  1. iphone 8 battery time has so many rumors about it. Hopefully better this time


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