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dimanche 17 mars 2019

About last night … Canadiens lose one they needed

Well, at least they do ceremonies well.

The Canadiens honoured Carey Price for his record 315 career wins. His family was there for the festivities, which included presentation of a gold goaler’s stick.

Then they dropped the puck.

And the golden goalie was Montreal homeboy Corey Crawford, who made 48 saves to hang an embarrassing — and, vis-a-vis the postseason, possibly fatal — goose-egg on the home team.

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price receives a gold stick from Michel Plante, son of Jacques Plante, prior to the game against the Chicago Blackhawks in Montreal on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Price surpassed Jacques Plante’s record of most wins by a Montreal Canadiens goalie earlier in the week.

On the RDS postgame show, former Islanders defenceman Bruno Gervais, who has become a terrific analyst in French and English, said the shot clock was misleading.

“They had 48 shots,” Gervais said, “but how many were quality shots?”

Not many.

Chicago had the area in front of Crawford well-defended, Gervais added. And the Canadiens don’t have the kind of attackers who are going to battle for chances in the slot.

A forward like Jonathan Drouin thinks the “high-danger area” is dangerous for him. So Crawford — and other good goaltenders who have frustrated the Canadiens this season — face shots they can see … and stop.

Contrast that to the two goals against Price, both of which were scored by Hawks wide-open in high-percentage areas.

There were some very perceptive Comments on the Liveblog tonight.

Here are some samples:

The season has gone better than expected, until the expected happened.

-David Salmon

i just don’t think you can question the effort when they’re approaching 50 can’t question much. you can, however, bemoan the lack of high end can also look in a mirror and recognize that MTL fans will never stand for a full tear down & multi-year tank like CHI did, like PITT did, like YYZ & YEG always do…


If this is the, “all hands on deck”, “every game is a playoff game” team, it explains why they are where they are in the standings. They have heart this year, they just lack the skill.


When the season started, there was no expectation of this team making the playoffs. Don’t know what’s happened to change that. Nothing more was added. Not much to be disappointed by …


Pushing my frustration aside, I know they are trying. But it is painfully obvious that the team hasn’t got enough talent and their try no longer makes up for it. I am already in wait until next year mode. Or more likely, the year after.


I can only speak for myself and my friends, but we would totally stand for a tear down. I think most fans are much better informed nowadays, what with 24hr sports channels, websites like Capfriendly, blogs, etc, so we understand the realities of a soon to be 32 team league with a hard salary cap. And while certainly not a guarantee (see EDM, ARZ, etc) tearing it down represents in my opinion the best “chance” to truly build a contender

-Matthew Elliott

Respect Matthew, but I don’t think the Canadiens need a teardown.

There are some good young players – and more on the way. Price is an excellent goaltender, and will be for a while.

The Canadiens have money to go out and buy a desperately-needed sniper. And a decent power-play coach.

The roster has overachieved this season. But crunch time has brought the team crashing back to earth.

Most fans understand that.

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Some Comments from the Liveblog:

No playoffs for the 3rd time in 4 years? What a waste of Carey Price’s prime years.


Yeesh!! When they turn the puck over, they really do!! Always ends up on Price’s doorstep.

They used to be small but speedy. Now they’re just small…


Is Weber the only one who is allowed to shoot on the pp


I wish I could be optimistic, but the Habs have been on a downward spiral for some time now. Unless they dress a mythic figure – Lazarus perhaps – there will be no reviving the nearly dead …

I really do not enjoy being negative, but if you look at the lines each of the first two have one player (Danault, Lehkonen) who have little goal scoring talent, and then we follow up with lines three and four in which only Drouin is a scorer. Tough to win hockey games with that skill set.


Speed teams are overrated. Physical negates speed. Speedy physical teams however are very difficult to beat. (Remember the glory years of the Habs, they were fast AND played tough). This team is beer league hockey, no hitting.


from Montreal Gazette

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