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mercredi 22 juillet 2020

6 of the best cordless drills for working on your home

6 of the best cordless drills for working on your home

Not everyone is gifted when it comes to DIY, and that's totally fine. We can't all just pick up a toolbox and get to work. Most people need to watch hours of tutorial videos to even consider getting their hands dirty, and there's no guarantee that things will work out.

DIY is one of those things that gets easier with time and experience, but everyone has got to start somewhere. The best thing a total beginner can do is invest in top quality equipment, as this gives you the best chance for success.

We recommend building up a solid collection of tools for all your home improvement projects. It's also worth spending a little more to get the best, as these tools will pass the test of time. If you try and save cash by getting the cheapest tools around, you are probably going to end up replacing them before too long. They will probably break or fail to get the job done, so it's always worth buying the best. Read more...

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IMAGE: Amazon


Dewalt DCD796P1-GB XR

This compact and lightweight drill can handle multiple applications with ease.

    £163.66 from Amazon
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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2

    The lithium-ion battery delivers intelligently controlled energy for every project.

      £104.99 from Amazon
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      IMAGE: Amazon


      Ryobi One+

      Convenient LED lights on this drill illuminate your work area to improve visibility.

        £79.99 from Amazon
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        IMAGE: Amazon


        Makita DHP484RTJ

        This drill might be small but it's packed with helpful features like 21 different torque settings.

          £114 from Amazon
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          IMAGE: Amazon


          Black & Decker BCD700S1K-GB

          A compact drill that can help with all your home projects.

            £59.99 from Amazon
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            IMAGE: Amazon

            BEST FOR POWER

            WORX WX-JCR.9

            Active impact technology delivers huge power to drill through all materials.

              £79.99 from Amazon

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