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dimanche 8 novembre 2020

Best Semester Ever: Get Organized!

Make sure that your dorm room has everything you need.
Congrats on completing the first day of our Best Semester Ever course! You're getting an A+ from us.

Since the semester is still so new, chances are you haven't had a ton of time to really sit down and organize your stuff. Maybe you've realized you even forgot a few essentials. Well, today we're going to change all that.

Your physical space can have a big impact on your emotional and mental well-being. When your room is organized, you'll feel more organized and on top of your game. By making sure you're on top of everything, you'll be taking one more step on your journey to a successful semester.


Everyone forgets something when they go back to college for a new semester. Here's a partial checklist of items to make sure you have.


  • Laundry hamper
  • Safety pins
  • Extra bedsheets
  • Power adapter
  • Batteries
  • Quarters for laundry 
  • UNDERWEAR (sorry for the caps lock, it's just that important)


Once you're sure you have all the essentials for your room, it's time to get it all organized. Here are some pro tips.


  • Store snacks in an over-the-door shoe organizer.


  • Keep your cords tidy by attaching binder clips to your desk.


  • Line your standard plastic storage drawers with decorative paper (both because it's stylish and because it can help you remember what's in there!).


  • Use ice cube trays to keep your jewelry organized.


  • Use a shower caddy to organize your school supplies and save desk space.


This post will help you out with even more organizational advice if your room could still use some help after all of this!


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