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mercredi 18 novembre 2020

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Plus, Lego redesigns the world according to kids, and a primary school in rural China proposes a new education model
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Lego redesigns the world according to kids

New renders created by architect Dara Huang reimagine community buildings through the eyes of children


Fendi's gadgets bring glamour to home gaming

The Roman house has teamed up with London accessories label Chaos on a range of tech jewellery accessories, including Air Pod holders and iPhone cases


A primary school in rural China proposes a new education model

Architectural designers Qiu Jiayu and Paul Mok complete the Erdu Primary School, a pioneering small-class-teaching school in rural China


Japanese illustrator Face designs bold Camper watch

The Timex Face x Anna Camper Watch is a collaboration between Timex, Tokyo-based illustrator and designer Face and Japan's Anna magazine


Stretch and snuggle in Maggie Marilyn's sustainable loungewear

Getting cosy in folds of fabric will boost your serotonin levels. Here, we present the loungewear for luxuriating in during downtime


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