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mardi 10 novembre 2020

Decorating Minimalist Spaces With Monochrome Melds: Interior Design Ideas

Decorating Minimalist Spaces With Monochrome Melds: Interior Design Ideas

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Decorating Minimalist Spaces With Monochrome Melds

Posted: 09 Nov 2020 06:45 AM PST

These three chic minimalist home interiors, each designed by Quang Dũng, showcase sophisticated monochrome melds of black and white, grey and beige. The peaceful tones come together in open plan living spaces, over modern furniture designs and bespoke furniture installations. Whilst black accents confidently anchor the lighter part of the palette, copper and gold accessories put on the polish. Wood tone elements, marbled slabs and textiles put subtle knocked back texture into the smooth room schemes, adding extra interest to airy low key layouts. Despite the minimalist aesthetic of the home design, the resolute attention to detail within these homes builds a feeling of seriously suave exclusive luxe.

In the first of our three examples, the modern living room design is kitted out with a made-to-measure media wall, which incorporates a frame of storage cabinets around a central display panel. TV wires are concealed behind boards at its core, whilst open fronted shelving and a low slung wood console provide decorative elements.

A floor lamp adds a touch of gleaming copper by the end of a black sofa; its metallic finish stands out brightly against dark grey window drapes. The living room dining room combo is sectioned with the assistance of ceiling panels and strips that cut above different zones of use.

A black glass coffee table is settled between the sofa and a lounge chair, where it reflects natural light from the window. A glossy black statue echoes the light reflective element on the other side of a doorway.

In the home entryway, wall cabinets are fitted snugly to merge seamlessly with the rest of the living room scheme. Glossy black backing adds a luxe moment.

Over in the dining area of the open plan, a modern white dining table is paired with beige dining chairs.

A linear chandelier with shining copper shades makes a special precious addition over the dining table. The copper notes are complemented by the wood slatted ceiling panel here.

The wood slatted ceiling feature extends right across the back of the room to a home workspace. A short partition wall, clad in marble, grows between the desk and the back of the sofa, subtly separating work and relaxation. A large wood effect bookcase rises behind the work area. The shelving serves both as point of practical office storage, and as a place to display attractive art and collections to the whole living room.

A column between the living room dining room combo and the kitchen is clad in stunning marble panels–turning a structural necessity into a thing of beauty.

Wall panels camouflage the presence of interior doors.

Inside the first bedroom, a cluster of modern bedroom pendant lights burn brightly against textured grey walls.

Gold detail stands out richly against the cool backdrop. Wood grain wardrobes and drawers add visual warmth.

A white bed stands out crisply against the shaded backdrop, which is cut through with strips of light.

A bespoke dressing table nestles into the corner of the room, teamed with a modern grey vanity stool.

Inside a second double bedroom, gold side tables balance each other in front of a wood grain headboard storage wall.

A grey bedroom wall backs the television, and dark grey curtains hang heavily at the window. The curtains and window blinds extend long past the window sill, all the way to the floor, to create the illusion of full height balcony doors.

Bespoke storage dominates a third bedroom too. Bedside shelves extend from a wall of light grey and contrasting wood tone cabinets.

A dropped ceiling holds recessed spotlights.

The modern home office has an airy layout despite its small proportions, with the desk positioned in the centre of the floor. Banks of shelving and storage are recessed into each end of the room.

A stylish copper table lamp arcs over the black desktop.

The soffit to floor length window blind and curtains trick is employed to make the windows appear grander in the office.

Inside our second monochrome minimalist home interior example, the lounge is edged with large expanses of wood slatting.

A round coffee table with storage stands on a plain grey area rug, which defines the lounge from an adjacent dining area.

The dining table is situated up against a black kitchen island. Black full height kitchen units back the area.

The outer edge of the kitchen island is textured with black slats to create a decorative element for the open plan room.

Natural light falls on the wall panelling, where it creates depth and exaggerated contour.

A simple linear chimney extractor descends over the kitchen island, chiming a minimalist note.

Copper kitchen accessories gleam on the dark countertop.

A wood slatted door hides within wall panelling.

The modern home office stands on display to the living room through glass walls.

The glazing allows natural light to flow out from the home office window onto the kitchen area.

A bespoke storage wall fashions a sophisticated study area.

A chic white accent chair sits brightly in the window.

Moving into the private master bedroom, we find an impressive custom bed with storage and a pop up side table.

Closets line the opposite side of the platform.

Our last interior has a back to basic appeal, with skimmed white walls and chunky wooden elements.

The TV wall floats just short of the floor in the minimalist living room, which creates a hearth effect beneath it.

A marbled island adds a striking focal point to the kitchen.

The outer side of the island is a bookcase for the lounge, or for cookbooks. A backless dining bench gives the kitchen-diner an openness that links it with the rest of the open plan.

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