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samedi 21 novembre 2020

Do you want to be able to enjoy your work, family, and passion all at the same time?

Hi karl shmidt,
Despite advances in technology, where everyone is constantly trying to find new ways to speed things up, we still find ourselves working harder than ever before.

In fact, we're living in a world of ever increasing challenges.

It's ironic that the very actions that we're taking to 'improve' our lives are also the same actions that's costing us or bringing about greater challenges and burdens.

Don't you think that being able to live a happy and fulfilling life is getting harder or almost impossible..?

Ask your friends, co workers, people around many can confidently tell you without hesitation, that they're happy and content with life?

I don't mean to paint this harsh and negative picture, but would you agree?

We all struggle to balance our roles and responsibilities one way or another. Some to a larger degree than others.

And what often happens instead, is that we lose ourselves.

We lose touch of what really matters.

We lose touch with what we're doing here in the first place... leaving our dreams, needs and lifestyles feeling empty and meaningless.

We're working hard and smart, but not always getting where we want to be fast enough.

And again, I'm sure there's a part of you that wants out of this constant struggle.

You want to be able to enjoy your life without feeling stressed, fatigued, and drained at the end of each day.  

You want to be able to enjoy your work, your family, and your passion all at the same time.

Now what if i told you you're just ONE discovery away?

I recently published a book called The Full Life Framework.

It's based on all the learnings and experiences I've gone through in the last 10 over years. This framework gave me the mindset and skills to take Lifehack from a one-man blog into a global platform with over 12 MILLION READERS.

To build an elite, top notch team, instilled with the same values and vision.

And most importantly, these secrets helped me to do all of this... without making compromises and sacrifices on my family, my relationships, my health, and all the other parts of life that matter.

I wrote this book simply because I've seen so many individuals surrender to their circumstances.

I have friends who aren't able to live to their fullest potential because of existing responsibilities and commitments that they can't seem to shake off.

This book will teach you how to distill what's really important, take the reins, have the confidence to stop doubting yourself, and decide to pursue your BEST LIFE.

Now if you're curious to hear the backstory of how I created this framework, then look out for my email tomorrow!

Your friend and mentor,

PS: The subject title is "The struggle of trying to be the best in everything"

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