Getting the very best Medicare coverage for you

It's time to ask yourself the questions that can help you determine what type of coverage best fits your healthcare needs.
Medicare Series

Getting the Very Best Coverage for You

Enrolling in a health insurance plan is a very personal decision that requires a bit of research on your part. Now that you've explored all the options Medicare has to offer, it's time to ask yourself the questions that can help you determine what type of coverage best fits your healthcare needs.

What to know before you commit to a plan

  1. What have been your historical healthcare needs? Consider things like medications, surgeries, and any other services that you may need on a regular or semiregular basis.
  2. What will your healthcare needs be in the future? If you have a chronic health condition or are at high risk for developing a certain condition or illness, you may require more frequent care.
  3. Is your primary care doctor in the network of the plan you want? Some Medicare plans don't cover out-of-network providers, which means you'll be left paying the full cost of those services.
  4. Are there any elements of your care that you can't compromise on? Not all providers accept the Medicare-approved costs for their services, so asking your favorite providers about this ahead of time (it's called "accepting assignment") can help you choose a plan.
  5. What can you feasibly afford? Between premiums, deductibles, and fees for services, Medicare costs can quickly add up. If your income is limited or fixed, look into financial assistance programs right away.
  6. Will you save more money by bundling your coverage? Medicare Advantage plans can cost more up-front but may ultimately help you save more money in the long run.
  7. How often do you travel out of your state or out of the country? Original Medicare (parts A and B) offers nationwide coverage, while Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer coverage only in the specific state you're enrolled in.

Remember, you don't have to make this decision alone. Having a family member or close friend join you for a brainstorming session can even help you address other concerns you may not have thought of. Your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program can provide unbiased, personalized enrollment assistance, too.

In the next email of our series, we'll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about what additional benefits Medicare has to offer.

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