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jeudi 19 novembre 2020

How to use Make: Projects in Education and More

How will you use it?


We invite you to explore Make: Projects and how it is being used during the current period of remote learning and beyond. This webinar will introduce Make: Projects - its inspiration, how it works, and how it can be used in the classroom, however this may look in 2020-2021. We will also hear from YSC on the successes of the Online STEM Fair and how they used templates and project documentation to exhibit over 600 student projects. Finally, it will provide an overview of how teachers and educators can get started on the platform with their students!

Don't fret if you cannot make it, there will be more!

How Make:Projects Engages Students Online & Enhances
Project-Based Learning
November 25th @ 1PM - 2PM EDT

Our Favorite Features of the Platform


Easily connect with other users, the entire community, or create your own group chats to fit your needs and receive feedback.

A variety of permissions gives users flexibility and control to manage multiple projects and collaborations.

One of the most powerful tools is collaboration. This feature allows users to easily edit and manipulate graphics and ideas.

Need to adjust you projects, comments, or chat? Look for the pencil to edit and any of your work or contributions.
Linked Projects

This organizational feature gives users the ability to link former, similar, or collaborators projects.


Don't let makers' block get you down. Post your project so the community can help you get past the block.
More Information and Platform Uses


With the onset of mandated remote and hybrid learning. Make: Projects serves as a powerful tool to engage students while documenting the project process.

Not sure where to start? If you should use a template?  We suggest highly suggest taking a few minutes to watch this brief but informative tutorial on the platform.

Our FIRST Halloween contest was a SMASH and no pumpkins we harmed. Please take a look at the entries and of course ask questions.  Winners will be announced SOON!
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