It's The Last Day Of The Natural Hair Challenge!

That's right - we're already at the final day. So let's get to it!
It's The final day of the Natural Hair Challenge is here! You've done an awesome job so far, so we know you're going to tackle this final day and emerge on the other side having officially completed the challenge.

For today, we've got one of the most important tasks of all: finding a protective style for your hair. Obia Ewah, chemist and founder of Obia Natural Haircare, suggests that naturals find a protective style to achieve moisture and optimum growth. A protective style that doesn't require any or a lot of manipulation is best. Keeping your ends, the weakest part of your hair, tucked away in a braided or bun style will protect them from environmental elements and help hold in moisture.


  • Do your hair in a protective style — like twists, a wig, or a bun — and keep it for at least three days.


Not sure what protective style to go for? Get inspiration — and tutorials on how to achieve the look — right here!


  • Try a protective style every other week to give your natural hair a break and to help hold in moisture. This will also give your ends some extra protection and prevent splitting.


Now that you've successfully completed all five days, the most important thing to maintain healthy natural hair is to incorporate these steps into your regular hair-care regimen. Know that it's completely fine to alter the steps according to your hair needs. For example, if your hair doesn't need extra moisture after the L.C.O. method, don't add it. You may even find that you can skip days between steps. Now, though, you have a great foundation for maintaining your natural hair! Nice work!

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