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vendredi 20 novembre 2020

Raspberry Pi Weekly Issue #338 - Raspberry Pi powers a mini ISS that mirrors the real thing

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Issue #338 - Raspberry Pi powers a mini ISS that mirrors the real thing


We were SUPER excited to find out about the ISS Mimic last week. It's a miniature version of the International Space Station that lives on the ground with the NASA engineers who built it. It mirrors the exact actions of the real thing up in space! We're going to be learning more from the team behind this epic build, so keep your eyes on the blog.

Inspirational teachers were also front and centre, as well as Randi Williams, PhD student at MIT Media Lab, who joined the Digital Making at Home live stream for young people to discuss the basics of machine learning.

Our community also churned out a Raspberry Pi–powered Smart IoT glove, a foam-firing spy camera, and a clock that tells the time on Mars. What is time on Mars? Is there 'time' on Mars? It's Friday — that's not a Friday question.




ISS Mimic: A Raspberry Pi-powered International Space Station model that syncs with the real thing


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

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Never miss a Digital Making at Home live stream

What's it like to run your code in space?


Hear from three Astro Pi winners

A lesson in machine learning for young people


Randi Williams, PhD student at MIT Media Lab, joins the Digital Making at Home crew

Raspberry Pi Christmas Shopping Guide 2020



Hackspace issue #37 is out now


Technology in your hands


Raspberry Pi smart IoT glove


Now I can *be* Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Mars Clock


The Martian was not a comedy

Defeat evil with a Raspberry Pi foam-firing spy camera


Night vision-lit foam as a weapon? Sure, why not?

Read RFID and NFC tokens with Raspberry Pi


Does not work for purchases over £30


Why a great teacher can make all the difference

Who inspired you?

PRIMM: encouraging talk in programming lessons

Learners need to develop subject vocabulary

Q&A with NASA engineers behind Raspberry Pi–powered ISS Mimic

Even MORE mini ISS fun

Help your kid run their code in space!

The perfect one-hour activity for your family's weekend

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