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samedi 21 novembre 2020

That Time Donald Trump Tried to Be Captain Planet, as Told by Barack Obama

It's Barack Obama book week. The former president's new book, The Promised Land, dropped on Tuesday, and there's a lot...
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Saturday, November 21, 2020

That Time Donald Trump Tried to Be Captain Planet, as Told by Barack Obama

Artificial Intelligence

Top VFX Company Attempts to Bridge Uncanny Valley, Fails


Boobs and What They're Missing

Streaming Services

Amazon's Channels Platform Will Drop HBO Next Year as Part of HBO Max Deal


Scriptable Supercharges iOS 14 Widgets Like No Other App

G/O Media might get a commision


The Coronavirus Has Once Again Contracted Trump

Gizmodo Originals

How to Trick Out Your Android Home Screen Like an iPhone

Privacy and Security

The Trump Admin Is Refusing to Give Full Cybersecurity Support to Biden's Transition Team


Nickelodeon's Astronauts Takes Us Inside the Kids' Stolen Spaceship

No One Loves Me in This Nightmare Mask From 1999

Watch Star Trek: Discovery's Michelle Yeoh Absolutely Destroy a Man in This Sneak Peek

G/O Media might get a commision


'Free Speech' Social Network Parler Tops App Store Downloads After Trump Loses Election


Apple Defends Delay of iOS 14 Feature Limiting App Tracking, Blasts Facebook


iOS 14 Update to Fix iPhone 12 Bugs Affecting Texts and Lock Screen

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