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dimanche 22 novembre 2020

The Core Challenge Rolls On

Days 16-18 have arrived, and you are totally going to crush them!

We're almost at the end of the core challenge!

We're firmly in the final week of the challenge now! By this point, you're an expert at our three exercises — candlesticks, side planks, and spiderman plank crunches — and probably can't wait to start in on your reps. But let's take a quick second to go over the importance of mental clarity in exercise. Here's what Albert Matheny says about how your mind affects your body:

Focus when you workout. What muscles are you using? How do they feel? Are you in control? Movements should never just be about completion or feel frantic and rushed. Stay calm in your mind and aware of your body.

During the next few days, remember to be ultra-aware of your body and its movements. Make sure you're getting the most out of the last week of the challenge!

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