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vendredi 20 novembre 2020

The Rundown: Run Is a Perfect Stay-Home Movie; Ed Norton on Trump; Tragic Halloween Love

In today’s Movie News RundownRun is the year’s most relatable movie; a tragic Halloween love story, featuring Jamie Lee Curtis; Edward Norton puts the pieces together; the director of My Cousin Vinny responds to Rudy Giuliani’s Vinny-related meltdown.

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a good movie tonight, check out Hulu’s Run, the latest from the team behind 2018’s Searching. That film unforgettably unfolded on a single computer screen, and Run takes place almost entirely in a home where a mom (Sarah Paulson) keeps her daughter (Kiera Allen), locked away from the world.

Edward Norton: The very sharp actor-writer-director — and son of a federal prosecutor — puts into words what we’ve maybe all been thinking about President Trump... 

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