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vendredi 6 novembre 2020

Welcome To BuzzFeed's Best Semester Ever!

10 days to the best semester of your college experience. Let's do it!

Welcome to BuzzFeed's 10-Day Best Semester Ever Course!

Welcome back to college! It's time for a new semester full of classes, activities, and friends. But this isn't just going to be any old semester: Over the next week and a half, we're going to cover everything from dorm decorating to fitness routines to ensure that every aspect of your semester is maximized to the fullest. 


Each day, you'll get an email that should only take a few minutes to read through at most. Each day has its own theme, which is broken down into a few different sections filled with tips and advice.


Some of the suggestions will only take a minute or so to complete, while others are going to be semester-long processes. This course is about not only learning quick tricks, but creating habits that you can sustain over months and years. 


There's plenty to go over, so get ready — because the best semester ever is coming your way!

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