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vendredi 6 novembre 2020

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We're so glad you're here. We created this community to give home cooks a place to support, inspire, and connect with each other. Over the years, it's become much more: a resource for thousands of recipes; a place to trade cooking tips and techniques (as well as organizing advice and sustainability how-tos); and a shop, stocked with hand-picked kitchen and home goods to last a lifetime.

Take a look around: Here's $10 off your purchase of $50 or more* in our Shop with the code WELCOME10. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship that includes a whole lot of snacks.

Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs
Co-Founders, Food52

The Recipes We Call "Genius"
In Genius Recipes, our creative director Kristen Miglore reveals little tweaks and magical tricks that will forever change the way you make chicken, scrambled eggs, and so much more.
Genius Recipes
Let's Get Cooking
The Chocolate Chip Cookies That Changed the Way I Bake
This 10-Minute Bare-Pantry Pasta is Your New Instant Comfort Food
A New Genius Recipe for Wildly Juicy Roast Chicken—Without Preheating the Oven
Better Buttermilk Pancakes With One Genius Ingredient Swap

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