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vendredi 20 novembre 2020

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Welcome to the inside line on all things ForbesWomen. This is where we share our upcoming events and the most compelling Forbes stories, insights and advice about and for the most powerful women in business. 

In the last decade, the number of women-owned companies has increased by 58%, outpacing new business creation as a whole. And with more venture firms and investors focused on female-founded businesses than ever before, that growth is poised to accelerate. Here, you can meet some of the women leaders making it happen.

And because we at ForbesWomen are so committed to supporting and advancing female leadership, I'm pleased to tell you that we've created a special, invitation-only, ForbesWomen Forum so that the best and brightest female minds can come together in this moment. It's off-the-record and a place to forge connections, share ideas, and trade words of encouragement. If you're interested in joining the conversation, please fill out this application and someone on our team will be in touch regarding next steps.

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Maggie McGrath

Maggie McGrath

Editor, ForbesWomen

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The venture funding gender gap is slowly closing, but there's a long way to go before full gender parity is reached: A new report by PitchBook and All Raise reveals that female founders earned $26.3 billion from acquisitions or IPOs in 2018, but they accounted for only 14% of last year's exits.

Wine consumption in the U.S. is more popular than ever, but the representation of black women in the industry isn't improving much. Here's how female wine professionals are taking matters into their own hands.

Last year, a record number of women ran and won political positions. Was this a one-time surge or will the movement continue?

Alexa von Tobel And Penny Pritzker Raised $200 Million For Their Venture Firm Inspired Capital
Alexa von Tobel And Penny Pritzker Raised $200 Million For Their Venture Firm Inspired Capital

LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce head Penny Pritzker raised $200 million for their venture firm, Inspired Capital. It's a significant raise for a female-founded firm. "We believe that we're moving toward a future world where funding is distributed across entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes equally," von Tobel told Forbes.

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Check List

#1: Fit fitness into your business. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't just important for your professional life—there's also lasting benefits to working fitness into the culture of your company. It might also bring your team closer together.

#2: Stop with the brain picking. If you've ever felt bad about not wanting to oblige when someone asks to meet you for a one-on-one meeting to "pick your brain," you're not alone. Next time, try offering these alternative methods of guidance.

#3: Use anger to your advantage. Anger is a raw, often uncontrollable emotion, but it can also help fuel a movement. Here's how to channel rage to achieve a goal.

#4: Ditch the defensiveness. It's natural to want to play defense when someone attacks an idea of yours, but it's a tactic that will only hurt you. Next time: listen intently and say what you need to say in a calm, non-reactive way.

#5: Be personal, but practical. It's hard to determine what personal details about your life are appropriate to share at work. If you're on the fence about disclosing information, ask yourself these questions to assess whether or not it's worth opening that can of worms.


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