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What else does Medicare offer you?

Did you know that some Medicare plans offer even more health and wellness benefits?
Medicare Series

What Else Does Medicare Offer You?

Medicare coverage is relatively comprehensive, helping cover you for everything from hospital visits to doctor's visits to prescription medications and more. But did you know that some Medicare plans offer even more health and wellness benefits?

Here are some of the additional benefits that might be covered by your Medicare plan:

  • Dental, vision, and hearing services. Dental checkups, vision exams, and visits with hearing specialists aren't covered under original Medicare (parts A and B). If you want this type of coverage, research Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans in your area that cover these services.
  • Fitness services. Some Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare health plans, and Medigap plans offer additional fitness programs and gym memberships. Before you enroll at a gym or in a fitness program, ask your insurance provider if your plan covers these memberships.
  • Meal delivery services. Meal delivery is generally not covered under Medicare. However, if you've been discharged from an inpatient hospital stay, you may be eligible for this service under some Medicare Advantage plans. If you're interested in meal delivery and grocery delivery services after a hospital stay, check which Medicare Advantage plans offer this benefit.
  • Home healthcare services. Both original Medicare and Medicare Advantage offer some level of home healthcare, such as skilled nursing care or physical therapy. However, your doctor will need to state that the services are medically necessary to improve your condition in order for you to be eligible.
  • Transportation services. Original Medicare covers emergency transportation via ambulance, when medically necessary, to hospitals and care facilities. Unfortunately, nonemergency transportation is generally not covered by Medicare; however, it may be an optional benefit under some Medicare Advantage plans.

In some cases, original Medicare will cover a handful of these optional services, but most of these additional health and wellness benefits are offered only by Medicare Advantage plans. If you want to know which of these services your Medicare Advantage plan covers, check the plan provider's website to learn the exact details of coverage.

Tomorrow, in our final email of the series, we'll discuss everything you need to prepare to sign up for Medicare.

Until tomorrow,
The Healthline Team

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