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dimanche 22 novembre 2020

Who, Moi? DeuxMoi Is The Internet’s Best Gossip

How an user-submitted, wholly unfact-checked celebrity Instagram account became required quarantine reading.
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Who, Moi? DeuxMoi Is The Internet's Best Gossip
I'll never forget the exact moment I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly likes to wear headphones during sex. It was at a backyard wine bar with a friend in June, our first meal together since quarantine, and instead of catching up on, you know, our own lives, we were in deep conversation over Leo's bedroom behavior. She'd seen the rumor on DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that collects and dishes out celebrity gossip from its followers. I stared at her blankly. "Wait," she said in true shock, "You don't know about DeuxMoi?"

What Comments By Celebs was to 2019, DeuxMoi is to 2020—which is to say it's the year's most addictive social media phenomenon. Earlier this month, the account was flooded with tips on the supposed reasons Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber's pastor, left Hillsong church—some speculated infidelity—and they were one of the first to publish the celeb church's letter addressing his departure. (For the record, DeuxMoi's followers were right; it was an affair, Lentz later confirmed.) The account even waded into politics recently, posting a tip on the Wednesday after the election that claimed Joe Biden had already won Nevada but the secretary of state wasn't announcing it because she's a Republican. For the record, that one remains unproven and was presumably false, but keep in mind, the message ended with: "START CHILLIN THE CHAMPAGNE BITCHES!!!" (And Biden did end up winning Nevada.)

By now, "I saw it on DeuxMoi" is a common refrain in casual conversation, and its 353K followers speak in DeuxMoi catchphrases: "Chris Noth Trigger Warning" is code for taking a celeb's picture without their permission (inspired by photos of the Sex and the City actor while out and about; apparently Noth doesn't love when you snap his pic from afar), and "VPD", which appears quite often, and stands for Very Pretty D*ck (often used by those who claim to have been intimate with a star).


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