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samedi 21 novembre 2020

Why effective COVID-19 vaccines don’t mean the pandemic is over

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5 Must-Read Stories This Week
Yes, We Have Effective COVID-19 Vaccines. But That Doesn't Mean the End of the Pandemic Is Near
By Alice Park
Vaccines aren't the panacea that many are hoping they will be
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It’s Time to Rethink Thanksgiving. Here’s How to Have That Conversation With Your Family
By Belinda Luscombe
We asked family therapists, negotiation experts and more for their advice
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Why Donald Trump's Legal Strategy Is Dangerous Even If It's Likely to Fail
By Alana Abramson and Tessa Berenson
Trump's lawyers are pursuing a strategy that requires state legislatures to subvert the popular will
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Why Is Margaret Thatcher Always Crying in The Crown?
By Eliana Dockterman
From TV shows to coverage of Amy Coney Barrett and Melania Trump, the media often struggles with balanced depictions of conservative women
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Uganda's Reggae Star Turned Politician Bobi Wine Wants a Revolution
By Aryn Baker/Kampala, Uganda
Bobi Wine, Uganda's pop-star politician, wants a revolution
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