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dimanche 22 novembre 2020

You're Halfway Through The Butt Challenge!

That's right — 15 days down and 15 to go!

We're halfway through the Butt Challenge. How are you feeling?

Just as determined to complete the second half of the challenge with as much dedication as you did the first half, right? Yeah, definitely. So let's get to it — 20 reps of each exercise!

~Bonus Butt Facts~: The gluteus maximus, one of the muscles that makes up what you typically think of as your butt, is actually the largest muscle in the human body. It's a good thing it's so large, too, because it's one of the main ways humans are able to maintain stability when standing up!

You probably know the moves by heart at this point, but just in case:

Single-leg glute bridge


Leg lift


Side kick


Single-leg deadlift


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