Cannes Director's Love Letter to Cinema; 'Blind' Remake Begins Glasgow Shoot; 'Three-Body Problem' Producer Dies at 39

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December 28, 2020

Cannes Director Thierry Fremaux Marks 125th Anniversary of First Cinema Screening: 'Cinemas Died Often, Yet They're Still Alive'

Thierry Fremaux celebrates the legacy and resilience of cinema on the 125th anniversary of the first commercial movie screening.

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Bollywood Remake of Korea's 'Blind,' Starring Sonam Kapoor, Starts Glasgow Shoot

Principal photography commenced Monday at Glasgow locations on "Blind," a Bollywood remake of the 2011 Korean action thriller.

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Netflix Producer, Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi Dead at 39 Amid Poisoning Probe

Billionaire Yoozoo Games CEO and Netflix "Three-Body Problem" producer Lin Qi is dead at 39, likely poisoned by a colleague.

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China Hands Four-Year Jail Sentence to Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan for Wuhan Coverage - Global Bulletin

Zhang Zhan becomes China's first known citizen journalist tried for contradicting official Chinese account of Wuhan COVID-19 outbreak.

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China Box Office: 'Shock Wave 2' Blasts Past 'Soul,' 'Wonder Woman 1984'

"Shock Wave 2” led China with a $51.4 million debut, blasting past cumulative “Wonder Woman 1984” sales in just two days.

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Italy's Cineteca di Bologna Publishes Book With Full Screenplay of Charlie Chaplin's Unfinished Film 'The Freak' (EXCLUSIVE)

Italy's Cineteca di Bologna archives have published a book with the full final screenplay of Charlie Chaplin's unfinished film 'The Freak.'

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Animation Shapes Up as a Liferaft for COVID-19 Era Latin America

Major countries in Latin America largely maintained animation production levels during COVID-19 this year, says a Quirino Awards report.

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U.K., European Union Finally Reach Brexit Deal: 'Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow'

Four and a half years after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, the two negotiating sides have finally arrived at a Brexit deal.

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Local Movies Ruled the Asia Box Office in 2020. How Can Hollywood Catch Up?

It may feel logical to hurry more U.S. movies into Asian release, but studios and streamers need to rethink their local strategies first.



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