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It's almost the start of brand new year with loads of exciting things to discover. Many of us won't be back at school until the end of January and that means we have time on our hands. So keep your brain busy with this jam-packed issue of Very Interesting Junior. Find out how a 3D printer works, learn which seemingly small inventions made a huge impact in our lives and discover how the joints in your body help you move. Learn all about ancient Egypt and see if you can solve the Sphinx's riddle. Catch up with Dana Heath, who plays Mika in Nickelodeon's Danger Force. Then discover how they make the sounds you hear in movies – because no one really knows what noise an exploding alien would make, do they? Enjoy this and so much more in our January issue. Happy reading, and thank you for supporting us during a very strange 2020!
See below for more cool features in this issue:
How do you use chopsticks?  Read More
Where was the first T. rex fossil found? Read More
Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? Discover More
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We've always loved all things space – from interesting facts about the planets that make up our solar system, to what life is like living aboard the International Space Station to how we can launch things into space. Learn with us as we explore these, and many more space-related topics.
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