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The year's seven most spectacular professional flame-outs, Forbes Staff Writer Kristin Stoller chronicled in "The Biggest Career Crashes Of 2020," included a job-ending Zoom exposure and a resignation over racial discrimination. In a year of dramatic shifts, cuts, hires and decisions, the headline-grabbing falls from grace proved again that the only constant is change.

With the vaccine roll-out, hope is on the horizon, but the repercussions of the events of 2020 will be felt far into the coming year and beyond. CxOs will continue to explore remote-work best practices, and industries such as retail, travel, education and healthcare may be forever altered. But with all that change comes enormous opportunity and innovation borne of the ingenuity of business executives who must read the tea leaves even as they block and tackle.

It's been a year for the record books. May you find a bit of time and space this holiday season to relax and reflect, pausing to regard all that you've accomplished even as you ready for a new year and new adventures ahead.

Jenny Rooney

Jenny Rooney

Communities Director and Chair of the CMO Network

Comings & Goings

Sysco, the $38 billion food and kitchen distributor, has hired Ingram Micro's CIO Tom Peck to lead its digital operations and spearhead efforts to modernize its technology infrastructure.

Leadership & Strategy

Remote teams may still be working out productivity kinks, but Pandora's box has been opened, and it's clear that many of the flexible-work practices introduced during the pandemic are here to stay. Leaders, it's time to familiarize yourselves with the new employment deal.

Equal business partnerships are notoriously difficult to maintain. If you (or your co-CEO) are going through a rough patch, read these tips on how to reaffirm your shared vision and interests.

Hospitals have had to operate under immense strain throughout the pandemic, and their next challenge—
administering the vaccine—promises to be just as difficult. Business leaders should take note: Their medical counterparts are providing a masterclass in crisis leadership.


By The Numbers


Percentage of managers who think their teams are performing at pre-pandemic levels.

Is work from home starting to chafe? Fewer and fewer managers are satisfied with how their remote teams are performing. CIOs—50% of them—are particularly eager to return to the office.

Innovation & Transformation

Last week, details emerged about what could be the largest recorded cybersecurity breach of the U.S. government in history. Hackers believed to be from Russia were able to compromise  government systems through a SolarWind Orion software update. CIOs can take these steps to minimize their organizations' exposure.

Collaboration software has been vital for businesses that have switched to remote-work arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic. From increased security to streamlined designs, here's how collaboration software will change in 2021.

Despite disappointing jobs numbers and prolonged, elevated unemployment, 2020 is shaping up to be a
banner year for online retailers.

The CxO Profile

Meet The Fiskers, The Billionaire Power Couple Taking On Tesla
Meet The Fiskers, The Billionaire Power Couple Taking On Tesla

Henrik Fisker and Geeta Gupta-Fisker are more than a husband and wife duo; together, they're the creative and analytical backbone of Fisker Inc., an electric-vehicle company that could prove to be Tesla's greatest challenger. With Henrik's design acumen, Geeta's investment experience and $1 billion in IPO funding, can Fisker's power couple dethrone Elon Musk?

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Salesforce's Mega Bid For Slack Comes As CIOs Rethink Tech Needs For The Future Of Work

CIO Network

Salesforce's Mega Bid For Slack Comes As CIOs Rethink Tech Needs For The Future Of Work

The tech stacks they are building to support employees favor greater integration and simplification, so expect more M&A deals between enterprise tech companies.

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