The 57 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Escape into the blissful holiday genre with a list of films that will last you until at least January.
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The Hands-Down Best Christmas Movies of All Time
We've come a long way since the days of cable channels airing the same Christmas specials every year. The holiday movie canon has expanded exponentially since the era of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rankin-Bass stop-motion films. And, while some classics are a must-watch every holiday season, there is always room for more titles to add to your rotation, especially while cooped up with cold weather and excess family bonding. However, many of us have reached somewhat of a Gift of the Magi-esque dilemma in recent years. While streaming services have exponentially expanded the Christmas movie genre, their lack of programming has left many of us yearning the cozy comfort of having a cable channel decide your 25-day viewing schedule of all of the classics. But fret not: We've compiled a viewing list fit that you can browse through for your favorites. Or treat it like an advent calendar of movie nights selections this holiday season. Whether you're looking for the warm blanket effect of a formulaic Lifetime movie, a Christmas classic, or a hidden gem that's as fresh as fallen snow, these are the best Christmas movies to watch this holiday season. Read More
The 24 Best Winter Coats of 2020
Sure, it might seem a tad premature to be talking winter coats right now but—and I don't mean to be alarmist here—it's not premature to be talking winter coats. It's about to be fucking freezing out, and if you want avoid the type of coat-on-coat action rapper and noted layering enthusiast Lil Uzi Vert describes with glee, it's time you started thinking about copping a proper winter coat. And guess what? It ain't all "Canada Goose this" and "Canada Goose that" (although, okay, yes—the brand makes one hell of a parka). The ideal winter coat should be warm. It should protect you from wind, snow, sleet, and all sorts of nasty weather. And it should look halfway decent doing it. So much so, in fact, you won't look forward to those atypically warm days in the slightest. Sound like a tall order? Worry not. Because we tracked down some of the best options to buy now, long before that neighbor you secretly hate has the chance to scoop the one you had your eye on—ruining it for you forever—and you're forced to call an audible and go with a different choice in a moment of last-minute desperation. Read More
There's Never Been a Better Time for Sweatpants. These Are Our Favorites.
Wearing the right pair of sweatpants—in high-tech fabrics or good ol' fleece—is still the easiest way to dress down any outfit. Throw on the comfiest pair you own and some camp socks when lounging around the apartment or treat yourself to a luxe take on the style in a super premium material with a sweater layered on top and a pair of slip-ons for a WFH fit that still feels office-ready. From tried-and-true classics to updated takes on the style from some of the coolest labels around, there have never been more options—or a better time to be in the market for a pair of today's breed of subtly tweaked, expertly cut sweats. Here, we rounded up more than 20 of the best styles available now, and thank us later. Read More
Read F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish'
On Christmas Eve, Patty Hobby and his new secretary devise a plan to blackmail a studio executive, but the incriminating evidence turns out to be bunk, and Hobby ends up right where he started. Read the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, first published in Esquire in 1940. Read More
10 Esquire-Endorsed Items to Buy With Your Christmas Cash
One place we've all learned to look over the last few years, when we want something really great to impress people with, is the deep catalog of hits featured in the Esquire Endorsement. These are the products we've loved all year long, so why not share the love with yourself courtesy of that Christmas cash in your stocking? And here's the really good news: A whole bunch of the best of those products can still be purchased bright now. You can't go wrong! Really. Read More
The 60 Best Christmas Songs of All Time
If there is one thing that is constant in this world, it is that the day after Halloween marks a multi-month-long non-negotiable stream of holiday music in just about every public place that has speakers. From coffee shops to convenience stores, your car radio to your dentist's waiting room, there's no escaping the unsolicited visions of silver bells ringing and sugar plums dancing in your ear drums. Whether you're reluctant to buy into the overly-commodified "holiday spirit," a snob when it comes to the more cookie-cutter tunes, or just a certified Scrooge, your home might be your only refuge for the winter. Luckily, though, it also means you have the AUX and don't have to succumb to whatever your local CVS has queued up on repeat. So, if you're still looking for some Christmas tunes, just with a bit more refined taste, we've got you covered. Go mull some wine, start up the fire, and crank your home speakers high enough to drown out your neighborhood carolers' off-key rendition of "Christmas Shoes" that no one asked for. Here are the best Christmas songs of all time. Read More
It was supposed to be a family road trip to visit an aging relative. Then the car got stuck in a muddy rut and, well—these things never turn out well, do they? Stephen King, the legendary architect of your worst nightmares, delivers another shocking story you won't soon forget.
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