Very Interesting: How we can become more resilient?

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Welcome to the new issue! As usual, it's packed with wildly fascinating information about everything from building resilience to everything stressful (including COVID-19); what food we'll grow on Mars; influencing dreams and why coffee is medicine. Sort of. There's also a load of stuff you had no idea you needed to know about. But that's why we're here – to keep you as smart as we think you are. Thank you so much for your support this year. Happy reading!
In search of immunity
It seems the more we learn about COVID-19, the more menacing it becomes. Why are there so many symptoms? Are some of us already immune? Scientists are helping us understand how our immune systems handle the infection. Read More
The psychology of resilience and how to cultivate it
No matter what life throws at some people, they seem to roll with the punches and come through the other side stronger than ever. What can we learn from these resilient individuals? Read More
A device to alter dreams!
The technology, created by MIT biomedical engineers Adam Haar Horowitz and Tomás Vega, could be used for further experiments into how dreams impact emotion, creativity, and memory.

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In praise of caffeine
There's more to a cup of coffee than just an early morning pick-me-up – there is strong evidence that caffeine consumers enjoy a range of other health benefits.

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