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This debut novel about a neurodiverse woman will blow you away

It's rare to come across a fictional voice that feels utterly fresh. But that's what you'll find in A Room Called Earth, the glimmering debut by neurodiverse Australian author Madeleine Ryan (Scribe, out today). Set over the course of 24 hours in modern-day Melbourne, it's written from the perspective of a young autistic woman as she prepares for, attends, then returns home from a party. 

"Slow-moving, cinematic and staggeringly beautiful, A Room Called Earth is unlike anything I've read before," says Stylist Loves' deputy editor Moya Crockett. "The narrator feels like a detached outsider in many ways: she struggles to comprehend some of the behaviours of her neurotypical peers, and absolutely refuses to engage in certain social rituals (such as making small talk with other women about her clothes). At the same time, she's determined to soak up all the beauty and romance that suburban Melbourne can offer, and moves through the world with an awe-inspiring sense of clarity and purpose. If you like Jeffrey Eugenides' luminous prose and Sally Rooney's crisp insights into human relationships, you'll love it." £14.99, Bookshop

If your Bridgerton obsession shows no sign of abating, add these Regency-inspired buys to your home
Royal Scot Crystal / £75
Gold-smothered glassware is a must for a Bridgerton-style table setting and these crystal flutes are just the ticket
Sanderson Home / £50
Pastel wallpaper is a key staple chez Featherington, Danbury and Bridgerton, like this sage green floral print
Dunelm / £20.80
An excellent dupe for the curtain tiebacks seen in the show, the glass bauble and platinum tassel whisper 'stately home'
The Grey Works / £95
Forget minimalist candle holders, go all out and show off your tapered candle collection with an imposing candelabra
Three Posts / £29.99
There's no such thing as too many gilt frames in the Regency world – add a decadent feel to your walls with this mirror
John Lewis / £6.95
Bridgerton-themed homeware couldn't exist without a spoon, thanks to *that* scene with the Duke of Hastings

In partnership with Clinique
Struggling to express your authentic self at work? You're not alone...

Being your authentic self at work is a wonderful concept, but it isn't always easy, especially if you find yourself in a less than inclusive environment. One woman who knows exactly what it feels like to compartmentalise herself is AJ Odudu. In the latest episode of the Stylist podcast Nobody Told Me…, the TV presenter, radio DJ and fitness blogger discusses the racism and discrimination she experienced as a Black Northern woman in the world of work, and how she gradually learnt to show up as her true self on the job. 

Nobody Told Me… is Stylist's podcast exploring the personal life lessons of brilliant women in their own words. Season two is brought to you in partnership with Clinique, who for over 50 years have been empowering women through great skin care backed by dermatologist expertise.


3 easy vegan recipes to throw in the slow cooker and forget about until dinner

Reassuring motivation is what we need right now – and these prints do the job perfectly

Wearing our best lingerie on random weekdays, cheesy YouTube dance workouts and getting outside for a burst of fresh air: there are lots of small things we can do to give ourselves a lift during lockdown. Many motivational quotes, however, can feel entirely unsuited to the moment. Pretty much everyone is going through a hard time right now – so forgive us if we roll our eyes at pastel-hued Instagram posts telling us to "make today awesome".

Which is exactly why we love You Good Studio's prints. Manchester-based artist and printmaker Emma Colbert's playful designs contain a series of gentle reminders that are both genuinely comforting and totally appropriate for 2021 – from "It's Fine To Feel Overwhelmed" to "This is Only Temporary". We especially love her "In This Together" print, featuring arms in rich and pastel tones reaching out towards one another. Realistic reassurances rather than cheesy cliches: now those are the kind of motivational messages we can get behind. From £15 for an A5 print, Etsy

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