A Rock Star's Quarantine Essentials

The Killers frontman talks with us about the band's new deluxe album, his father's go-to Levi's, and why we can't all emulate Mick Jagger's style.
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The Killers' Brandon Flowers Tells Us What He's Wearing in Quarantine
Destiny has been kind to The Killers. The new album has moments every bit as magical as "Mr. Brightside," including the singalong-ready "Caution," where Brandon Flowers belts, "the winds of change are coming over me." Then there's the deeply romantic "Dying Breed," the Tom Petty-esque cruiser "Blowback," the monumental "My Own Soul's Warning," and the album's definitive statement on "My God": "My God, just look who's back in business." And then there's Flowers himself. Nearing 40, he's still every bit the sharply dressed frontman, known for sporting everything from a black moto jacket and combat boots to a Dior feather blazer. In photographs for the new album, he wears a white tux and a cowboy hat. It works, even better than you might expect. But that's not his only style move nowadays. We caught up with Flowers over the phone to talk about staying productive during lockdown, Levi's jeans, and why he (like all of us) is fated to dress like his father at the end of the day. Read More
The 5 Dress Shoes You Need to Know in 2021
A great pair of dress shoes isn't just a worthy investment, it's a necessity. (Yes, even now.) Sure, sneakers have their place, but there are times when even the best of 'em just won't do. Whether it's a wedding or a funeral, a job interview or a meeting with the head honchos from corporate, some occasions demand footwear that's as refined as it is timeless. Although it's definitely been a while, someday soon the time will come to bust out the sweetest pair of dress shoes in your arsenal again, and when that moment arrives you'll want to be prepared. Luckily, there are options out there for every style. And when it comes to price, don't be afraid of laying down a few extra bucks if you're able. That doesn't mean you have to spend outside your budget, but paying more for quality means you'll have a pair of shoes you can wear for years down the line, not months. Read More
44 Years Ago, Pumping Iron Captured the Creation of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Real Time
Forty-four years ago, bodybuilding wasn't much more than just a marginal underground subculture—an obscure freak-show circuit populated by jacked-up guys in Speedos and slathered in baby oil showing off their impossible physiques in front of half-filled VFW halls. There wasn't any real glory in the sport. No big paydays or purses. It was just another fringey demimonde desperate for something (or someone) to help it crossover into the mainstream. In 1977, it finally found that something in an American documentary called Pumping Iron…and it found that someone in a cocky, charismatic Austrian on the cusp of becoming a global superstar named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here, Chris Nashawaty inspires your next rewatch. Read More
You Don't Have to Spend More Than $100 to Score a Truly Great Watch on Amazon
You don't need to be a hotshot scion of inherited wealth—or, hell, an overnight GameStop millionaire—to scoop the watch of your dreams. Because thanks to Amazon's hefty selection of affordable timepieces, you can now snag some of the best watches around for well under a hundred bucks, or about a tenth of what the newest iPhone will cost you at retail. The choice is an easy one, really. Sure, Amazon might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of top-of-the-line timepieces, but The Everything Store's horology game is no laughing matter. I'm talking an enviable selection of styles from big names like Timex and Seiko, plus an excellent supply of harder to find brands, too. Scroll through below to see all the styles worth ditching your phone for, and then make moves—fast. Read More
Everlane's Best-Selling Face Mask Is Now Half Off for a Limited Time
If you need to re-up on your face mask supply, you're in luck. Right now, Everlane's top-rated mask is a whopping 50 percent cheaper, for a limited time only. (You can currently snag a 5-pack for 12 bucks, or a 3-pack for nine!) The brand's reusable and machine washable masks are made from a sturdy but soft cotton and perfectly constructed to fit snugly over your face so you don't have to worry about 'em slipping off your nose the second you start unloading your groceries at the checkout counter. If that isn't enough, this particular face mask is also a part of the brand's "100% Human For 100% Human Rights" campaign, which means for every product Everlane sells, the brand will donate 10% of the profits to the ACLU—so you can do your part to mask up appropriately and make a small difference, too. Read More
Saatva's Presidents' Day Sale Is Starting Early—and You Can Save $200 on a New Mattress
Never underestimate the power of a great mattress. The average person spends about a third of their life sleeping, and since many people have converted their bedrooms into their home offices, there's a good chance you're spending even more time in bed. But while sheets, pillows, and cozy duvets will elevate your setup, a quality mattress can make or break your time in bed. If you're looking to update your mattress but don't want to spend a small fortune, you're in luck. Saatva is kicking off its Presidents' Day sale early by taking $200 off orders totaling $1,000 or more. Saatva is known for its high-quality designs that offer plenty of comfort and support for every type of sleeper (whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach; Saatva has something for everyone). And since Saatva offers delivery, mattress setup, and the removal of your old one, this sale can save you time, money, and the headache of upgrading your mattress. Though you can score early access to the sale today, Saatva's Presidents' Day sale officially starts on Tuesday, February 2. But don't worry: Since the discount will be the same, you won't have to worry about missing out on a better deal. Read More
It was supposed to be a family road trip to visit an aging relative. Then the car got stuck in a muddy rut and, well—these things never turn out well, do they? Stephen King, the legendary architect of your worst nightmares, delivers another shocking story you won't soon forget.
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