Habits to drop in 2021—and what to do instead

Good morning! Joe Biden will take office at the end of January with a huge environmental challenge before him. We have pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, Trump has spent the lame duck (and his presidency) repealing environmental regulations, and carbon emissions are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels as the economy recovers.

Biden must act—and he may not have a Congress that’s interested in helping him. But there are some things he can do. Whether he takes action quickly will be a good barometer for how seriously his administration is taking the climate threat. Read more here.

Morgan Clendaniel
The 7 things Biden should do first to tackle climate change

The new president will have to act quickly and decisively when he takes office. Here is what he should do right away, from rejoining the Paris agreement to undoing Trump’s rollback of regulations.

work life
Start the new year with a digital declutter

Clear out your digital clutter and find focus and calm in 30 days and 5 easy ways to maintain it over the long-term.

work life
Habits to drop in 2021—and what to do instead

Let’s stop pretending we can predict the future. But these new habits will help you thrive in 2021, even in the midst of change.

Health experts think 2021 could feel a lot like 2020—with a few glimmers of hope

As the long process of distributing vaccines to Americans continues, life will still involve masks and social distancing. But the pandemic’s devastation could create space to reform the U.S. healthcare system.

How the idea of the tiny house evolved in 2020

The small-in-size but potentially big-in-impact housing solution made big strides.

A New Year’s resolution for entrepreneurs: Revisit Jim Collins

The revered author has updated “Beyond Entrepreneurship” (a Reed Hastings favorite) and he has a lot to say about the current state of Silicon Valley.

12 fitness and workout products that ‘Fast Company’ editors swear by

Featuring gear from Outdoor Voices, Theragun, Bala Bangles, and more.

5 predictions for how we’ll get around after COVID-19

These near-term fixes for our cities and transportation systems will have their origins in what we went through last year.

Why paper planners are the best way to stay organized in 2021


One of the best organization tools for 2021 is not on your computer or phone.

How to Be More Personable in Virtual Meetings
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