My breast cancer was misdiagnosed for a year

"All I felt was a hard lump on my breast."
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My Terminal Breast Cancer Was Misdiagnosed for a Year
Having chosen to change careers in my late 20s to become a chef, I had accepted that aches and pains are part of the job — regardless, I loved what I was doing. Serving families a delicious meal is a great passion in my life, and feeling tired and sore at the end of a shift was par for the course.

That's why at first, five years ago, I really didn't think about my chronic back pain. Then one day I managed to somehow fracture my collar bone while doing routine tasks on the job. Doctors took CT scans of my back and body, but initially said nothing major was going on; maybe fibromyalgia at worst. I didn't even think to ask for a report.

A year later, I was in bed, and I felt something pressed up against my side. I thought I had fallen asleep on my cell phone and reached over to grab it — except it wasn't there. All I felt was a hard lump on my breast.


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