The 60 Best Movies to Stream This Weekend

Don't just watch 'The Office' for the sixth time. There are dozens of great films available at your whim.
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Make 2021 the Year You Join Our Club
Now that you've got your holiday gifting settled, why not do something for number one? If you love the work we do here at Esquire, it's time you joined our new club, Esquire Select. With your membership, you'll get an annual subscription to the print magazine, unlimited access to—including Politics with Charles P. Pierce, a weekly members-only newsletter, access to exclusive deals from our favorite brands, and more. It's the best money you'll spend on yourself all year. Read More
The 60 Best Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now
Sometimes it feels like the streaming service bubble is about to burst. There are so many services, with new ones emerging every day. This time last year, we had another explosion, and now on top of Netflix and Hulu and Amazon, we have Apple TV, Disney+ ,and HBO Max. And even after you've made the choice to wade into the water, you still have a mountain of films to climb. Everyone knows that Netflix is the big dog though, housing classics and originals that continue to shape the industry. Don't get caught in the rigmarole of scrolling for hours only to fall back on an old favorite. There are options ranging from the greatest hits we have below to Oscar nominees, documentaries to sci-fi, action to rom-coms and more. And watch this space because as titles come and go, we'll make sure that the newest and freshest options remain at your disposal, just one click away. Read More
The Best Winter Coats Will Keep You Warm, Dry, and Comfortable
Sure, it might seem a tad premature to be talking winter coats right now but—and I don't mean to be alarmist here—it's not premature to be talking winter coats. It's about to be fucking freezing out, and if you want avoid the type of coat-on-coat action rapper and noted layering enthusiast Lil Uzi Vert describes with glee, it's time you started thinking about copping a proper winter coat. And guess what? It ain't all "Canada Goose this" and "Canada Goose that" (although, okay, yes—the brand makes one hell of a parka). The ideal winter coat should be warm. It should protect you from wind, snow, sleet, and all sorts of nasty weather. And it should look halfway decent doing it. So much so, in fact, you won't look forward to those atypically warm days in the slightest. Sound like a tall order? Worry not. Because we tracked down some of the best options to buy now, long before that neighbor you secretly hate has the chance to scoop the one you had your eye on—ruining it for you forever—and you're forced to call an audible and go with a different choice in a moment of last-minute desperation. Read More
15 Suede Jackets to Take Your Look to Another Level
We'd like to think the suede jacket is a less labor-intensive alternative to its straight-up leather counterpart. Suede gets its signature nap from the interior side of the animal's hide, making it a tad more susceptible to scratches (which means, yes *sighs deeply* it, too, will look better the more you wear it.) But the fabric's buttery softness also means you can skip straight to the part where the piece feels perfectly broken-in right from the outset, so you don't have to spend all afternoon trying to figure out the best way to stiffly position yourself on the couch to snag some sweet, sweet fades. Suede is so supple it does all the work for you. Because believe you me: when it comes to living your life in discomfort, no matter how much of a leather enthusiast you are–you do you, guy!—ain't nobody got time for that. Read More
Every Ken Burns Documentary, Ranked
Esquire's Abigail Covington a longtime Ken Burns fan. Before the pandemic set in, she had already seen many of his films. But there were some big ones that she managed to miss. So, to cheer herself up, she committed to watching the rest of them during quarantine, starting with The Vietnam War. As she made my way through the films, her sadness receded. Relaxing into the sweet, predictable pacing of a Ken Burns docuseries eased her mind, and the history presented within the films put the current moment into perspective. And so she decided to go ahead and rank them all. Before we dive in, a point of clarification: For the purpose of this consideration, we only included films that Ken Burns directed, meaning the ones he produced didn't make the cut. That's why you won't see The West on the list. That said, ride out the rest of the pandemic with our totally biased and super unscientific ranking of each and every Ken Burns documentary. Read More
Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on Why Cobra Kai Is the Best Medicine on TV
The thing about Cobra Kai is that it's really good. The Netflix show picks up Karate Kid nearly 35 years after the crane kick that defined a generation. Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso is a family man with a string of successful car dealerships in southern California; William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence has an estranged son, a dependence on Coors Banquet, and a life in free fall—until he meets Miguel, a bullied teenager who inspires him to reopen Cobra Kai, the karate dojo famous for "no mercy." When the lives of Daniel and Johnny collide again, you're not sure whom to root for. With season three hitting Netflix on January 1, Esquire's Brady Langmann Zoomed with Macchio, 59, and Zabka, 55, from their homes on Long Island and in Los Angeles, respectively. Zabka arrived in—what else—shades fit for Johnny Lawrence. Read More
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