The Best Menswear to Buy Under $150 Right Now

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The Best Menswear to Buy Under $150 Right Now
Should you fill up on chunky sweaters now or save a little room for lightweight outerwear down the line? Should you go back for a second helping of sweatpants or finally try a bite of that corduroy all your friends have been raving about? Should you wait in line at the limited-edition sneaker station or skip straight to the general release table and serve yourself? And, most important, are those boots priced by weight?! But for the discerning bargain-hunter, shopping online is like deciding what to order at a restaurant you've already been to, like, every day for the last five years straight. So—if you'll indulge the analogy a tad longer—allow me to advise you on the house specialties. Trust me. Like we said, we spend a deeply disturbing amount of my day shopping online. All of which means we're well prepared to provide you with the insights you need, starting with some of the sweetest deals you can get your thoroughly rinsed hands on right this very moment—and all for below 150 bucks. Read More
The North Face's Denali Jacket Hit Icon Status in '95—And Stayed There Ever Since
Fashion soothsaying is a notoriously tricky business, but when it comes to the fleece's resurgence, we aren't all that surprised. Back in the elementary school days, the coolest damn piece you could own was a fleece jacket, not unlike any of the styles circulating today. The brand du jour behind one of the absolute sickest versions of the silhouette? You guessed it, baby: The North Face. And since time is truly a flat circle (and everything you hated wearing as a kid suddenly looks ludicrously fire right now), it stands to reason if you're trying to log onto your next Zoom call with the confidence of the slickest shithead in your 8th grade class, the brand's Retro '95 Denali is just the jacket for you. Here's why. Read More
The Case for Regé-Jean Page to Play James Bond
Whenever a young and attractive British actor reaches a certain level of international mainstream appeal, they earn the status of being rumored to be the next James Bond. By virtue of being young, attractive, famous, and British, the narrative of their career will suddenly be refocused toward the ultimate goal of playing 007. Just ask Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Lashana Lynch, Robert Pattinson, Sam Heughan, James Norton, Henry Golding, or Richard Madden, among many others. Today we can welcome Regé-Jean Page, now of Bridgerton fame, to this club. Here's Culture Editor Matt Miller on why Page has shown true acting chops that make him a more than worthy Bond hopeful. Read More
The Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2021
Gone are the days of 2020—a year of COVID-related plot lines, quarantines, and blasting through television series because it's all we have to do. Now, it's 2021 and we're... well, we're blasting through television series because we're waiting on our number to be called in the vaccine line. Oh, and it's cold. We're getting there, though! And while we wait, there's a whole new crop of series that are scheduled (or rumored) for the year ahead. If you or anyone you know is a Disney fan in the slightest, you likely heard of the insane line up of Star Wars and Marvel series announced for the next year. There's also the hope that if we can get back into the swing of production, heavy hitters like Atlanta and Succession can return for their upcoming third seasons. So let's settle in, shall we? Take stock of the television slated for the months ahead. Here's a running list of what you can definitely expect, what's tentatively in the pipeline, and what could just make an appearance by 2022 if the production powers that be finally work in our favor. New year, new TV baby. Read More
The 15 Best Murder Mystery Movies For the Detective in You
Most Thursday nights in college, my film major friends and I would get together for movie night and spend at least an hour debating which movie to watch. The one genre that would save us from endless arguing and make everyone happy? The murder mystery. The perfect blend of thrilling, sexy, intriguing, and often funny, murder mysteries will have even the most passive viewers stuck to the screen, wanting more. Murder mysteries are the best kind of puzzle, challenging the audience to string clues together to unravel some meaning at the heart of the story. We jump through hoop after hoop, following each lead and testing our intuition. Can you get to the bottom of the case, or will you fall for the red herring? Can you anticipate the twists and turns the story may take, or do you think you've got it all figured out from the beginning? Grab your magnifying glass and your trusty sidekick (a cocktail will do just fine), and gear up for these 15 mystery thrillers, horrors, and whodunits that are sure to keep you guessing until the very end. Read More
Make 2021 the Year You Join Our Club—We'll Send You Something (It's a Magazine)
But that's not all you'll get by joining Esquire Select, our new membership program. In addition to an annual print subscription, you'll also get unlimited access to all of—including Politics with Charles P. Pierce and every Esquire story ever published via Esquire Classic. Plus, we'll send you a weekly, subscribers-only email, and give you exclusive access to deals and discounts from our favorite brands. It's just one way your year is sure to be better than the last—we guarantee it. Read More
It was supposed to be a family road trip to visit an aging relative. Then the car got stuck in a muddy rut and, well—these things never turn out well, do they? Stephen King, the legendary architect of your worst nightmares, delivers another shocking story you won't soon forget.
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