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The January 25, 2021, issue of National Review appears precisely when America needs its ...

January 08 2021



Inside the January 25, 2021, Issue of National Review

Jack Fowler

The January 25, 2021, issue of National Review appears precisely when America needs its fortnightly dose of conservative sanity and wisdom. For those who are NRPLUS members (not you? — do become a member, right here and now), the entire contents of the magazine are available immediately. As we stand at the cusp of a Biden administration, here are just some of the smart pieces you will find between the issue's covers: Ramesh Ponnuru's take on how best for conservatives to act in political opposition, John Yoo and John Bolton urging any change in Iran policy to be conditioned by treaty ratification, Andrew C. McCarthy makes the case for a repeal of the presidential power to pardon, Kevin Williamson considers Joe Biden's obligation to his Subaru Voter supporters, Jay Nordlinger's account of a Saudi Arabia political prisoner, the brave Loujain al-Hathloul, and Joel Kotkin's essay on American optimism.

We'll need plenty of that after the events of this week! And a flash of optimism is what you'll find on the last page of the issue: An optimistic Heather Wilhelm is happy to say adios to 2020. A reminder: If you're not an NRPLUS member, that no-free-articles-remain paywall will be upon you lickety split. Don't let that happen: Sign up here.

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