Why Young People Are *STILL* Partying

The COVID-19 death toll just passed 340,000 but that hasn't stopped some folks.
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Sex Parties, Frat Parties, and Family Parties: Why People Are *STILL* Going HAM Amid the Pandemic
Even though the FDA has approved two coronavirus vaccines for emergency use in the U.S., it will be months before most Americans can become vaccinated. And in the meantime, it's clear the pandemic continues to rage on: we're in the midst of another wave of lockdowns, the COVID-19-related death toll surpassed 340,000, and holiday travel is robust, which will clearly lead to more infections.

Yet, folks are still continuing to put on their party pants and get together sans masks, indoors, without social distancing. Cosmopolitan spoke to five women, all of whom wished to remain anonymous but provided their ages and locations, to share why they're continuing to throw down at sex parties, frat parties, and family parties—despite the global pandemic.


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