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You're Going To Love: Lucy's Wine
In the first of our new series introducing up-and-coming independent brands with female and non-binary founders, meet an extremely chic natural wine platform

What is it? Launched at the start of February, Lucy's Wine is an online shop specialising in selection boxes of natural, organic and sustainable wines from around the globe.

Who's behind it? Lucy Dalwadi, 30, a former digital fashion marketer from Buckinghamshire.

Why you'll love it: Right now, we don't have the headspace to spend ages agonising over what to drink; we just want an expert to tell us: 'Hey, pour yourself a glass of this – it's DELICIOUS.' That's what Lucy's Wine does. It's not a subscription service, so there's no commitment; the wines are refreshed every month, and you order on a case-by-case basis.

Each box contains three or more bottles that are as beautiful on the eye as they are on the palate: think peachy pet nats from Davenport Vineyards in Kent; hazy, honeyed orange wines from Kakheti, Georgia; and a light red gamay by Vivanterre, the French natural wine company cofounded by fashion designer Rosie Assoulin. These aren't budget wines, but boxes to order for a special occasion – or when you just want something lovely to brighten up a Friday night in lockdown. From £42 for 3 bottles; lucys-wine.com


3 CBD products to try now
With a range for just about everyone, it's safe to say that Holland & Barrett are the home of CBD. What's more, the CBD used in its products is high quality, safe, pure and traceable from source, so you can also add it your routine with peace of mind. Here's what Stylist Loves contributor Elise Davies found when she tried three of the brand's innovative new hero products… 
In partnership with Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett / £14.99
AddCBD Cosmetic Enhancer 1000mg
I used a few drops of this to make my cleanser more soothing, but you can add it to any beauty product
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Holland & Barrett / £14.99
Love Hemp 300mg CBD Spray Raspberry 30ml
With natural raspberry flavourings and a recyclable bottle, this spray goes down as a win
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Holland & Barrett / £44.99
Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract RxPen 1000mg 10ml
This clickable pen was a novel and simple way of taking CBD on the go
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This funny, unsettling novel will make you want to delete your social media accounts

By now, we all know that the internet doesn't always make us feel good. Research shows that using multiple social media platforms is linked to higher anxiety. Some studies suggest Instagram has a negative effect on mental health. Regular Twitter users will tell you, almost proudly, how much the app stresses them out. Yet social media also has its plus points – which is why millions of us have yet to log off.

That's the contradiction at the heart of Patricia Lockwood's first novel No One Is Talking About This (Bloomsbury Circus), out today. "If, like me, you spend too much time online, consider this fair warning: NOITAT will make you feel personally attacked," says Stylist Loves' deputy editor Moya Crockett. "The protagonist is a Twitter-famous woman who gets paid to speak about online culture around the world – until a heartbreaking family crisis yanks her home to Ohio, dragging her attention away from the internet for the first time in years. Lockwood's glowing, almost sci-fi prose highlights how our minds are warped by constant news alerts, vicious 'cancellations' and stupid memes, in a novel that is surreal, funny and completely addictive – just like social media itself." £14.99, Bookshop

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