“51 Farmhouse Sinks That Can Bring Classic Elegance To Your Kitchen Renovation” plus 1 more

“51 Farmhouse Sinks That Can Bring Classic Elegance To Your Kitchen Renovation” plus 1 more

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51 Farmhouse Sinks That Can Bring Classic Elegance To Your Kitchen Renovation

Posted: 02 Feb 2021 06:45 AM PST

Farmhouse sinks rose to popularity as a practical catch-all solution suited to the needs and demands of a different age, but their appeal remains largely the same. These beautiful vessels bring the sink closer to the edge of the countertop to reduce strain while washing up – and create a bold visual statement while doing so. In this post, we’ve collected 51 farmhouse sinks that cater to a variety of styles. Here you’ll find classic farmhouse sinks for breezy countryside kitchens, sleek contemporary designs for modern homes, and a wide range of uncommon finishes for more unique applications.

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33-Inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink: When it comes to sizing, 33-inch designs are among the most widely available making them a good choice for those who want more flexibility for future renovations. This classic design is made from fireclay, a durable non-corrosive material that can stand up to heat. The surface is finished in glossy enamel for resistance to chips, scratching, and staining.

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Reversible 33-Inch White Farmhouse Sink: This 33-inch sink design offers another clean and classic look, this time with a front-to-back measurement at a slightly narrower 18 inches. Despite its slightly smaller dimensions, the single basin design still allows plenty of space for washing your largest dishes and cookware.

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32-Inch Double Farmhouse Sink: Double basin sinks are an especially practical solution for quick cleanup – wash on one side and rinse on the other, clean vegetables on one side and fill pans on the other, etc. This design is made from super sleek scratch-resistant ceramic and includes a protective bottom rack for both sides.

$399BUY IT

Reversible 30-Inch Farmhouse Sink: Working with a smaller space? This 30-inch farmhouse sink shaves off a few inches while still providing all the advantages of a spacious single-basin interior. If you want a more decorative look, this design is cleverly reversible with the opposite side displaying a smart fluted pattern.

$829BUY IT

30 Inch Farmhouse Sink in Multiple Finishes: This low-apron sink features a shallower depth than traditional farmhouse styles – not only does this present a more streamlined aesthetic, but it is typically more compatible with premade cabinet configurations. This model is available in a range of finishes from jet black to a range of whites and neutrals.

$1497BUY IT

Farmhouse Sink With Interchangeable Aprons: This unique Kohler sink design is made from stainless steel and is compatible with a wide range of interchangeable sink aprons. The apron featured here, sold separately, is the Tailor Etched Stone Insert. Simply swap out the apron any time you want to change up the look of your kitchen.

$349BUY IT

33-Inch Reversible Double Basin Farmhouse Sink: This handsome double basin farmhouse sink is reversible with decorative elements on both sides. The side featured here showcases subtle pinstripe-like grooves for a classic look, the other side smoothly pleated for a charming retro aesthetic.

$830BUY IT

33-Inch White Farmhouse Sink: With its clean slotted front, this farmhouse sink offers a modern look for contemporary kitchen designs. The reverse side is flat for a more minimalistic option. This piece is constructed from a composite called Matte Stone for excellent stain resistance, chip resistance, and resistance against cracking.

$501BUY IT

Decorative Apron Divided Farmhouse Sink: Here is another modern fluted design made from composite Matte Stone, this time with double basins. This piece also measures at 33 inches across.

$799BUY IT

33-Inch Modern White Farmhouse Sink: Stylish grooves allow this sink to more easily fit in with a modern kitchen that emphasizes horizontal lines. This model is handcrafted in Italy, made from a quartz composite that resists heat up to 500 degrees and boasts an antimicrobial silver ion treatment.

$258BUY IT

Double Basin Porcelain Farmhouse Sink: This economical farmhouse sink features a reversible design – fluted on one side and decorated with two subtle pinstripes on the other. The porcelain construction is finished with a scratch-resistant glaze.

$699BUY IT

Modern Apron Farmhouse Kitchen Sink: Three-dimensional panels give this farmhouse sink an especially bold update to suit the most modern kitchen themes. This piece is constructed from non-porous Matte Stone composite. It includes a matte black faucet and a convenient soap dispenser, or you can use your own.

$1379BUY IT

Kohler Farmhouse Sink with Decorative Apron: Attractive horizontal ridges streak across the front of this enameled cast iron sink, providing a touch of decorative texture that stands apart from classic farmhouse sink designs. The drain is offset to the right helping to preserve usable storage space beneath.

$598BUY IT

Reversible 36-Inch Farmhouse Sink White: The attractive curved patterns on the apron provide a smart deco-style aesthetic, great for transitional kitchen designs that fall between classic and contemporary. For a simpler look, the opposite side remains smooth. This 36-inch farmhouse sink provides exceptionally spacious functionality despite its two-basin format.

$839BUY IT

Panel Front Farmhouse Apron Sink: A panel-decorated front apron allows this farmhouse sink to fit effortlessly with similar panel-faced cabinetry – or you can place it with flat cabinetry for a contrasting pop.

$599BUY IT

Textured Front Farmhouse Sink: A textured checkered front gives this farmhouse sink an especially eye-catching look. This fireclay sink is crafted with more thickness than similar models for added durability. At only 30 inches across, this piece is a fantastic high-impact choice for smaller kitchens or utility rooms.

$750BUY IT

36-Inch Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink: This 36-inch farmhouse sink is made from heavy-duty cast iron and finished in a glossy white. Undermount installation makes countertop cleanup easier than ever – there’s no lip to catch water or debris around the edges as there would be with a top-mounted sink.

$1124BUY IT

Divided 36 Inch White Farmhouse Sink: Not sure whether you want a single basin or double basin farmhouse sink? This design provides the best of both worlds, with the interior divider slightly offset to one side and kept especially low. This allows for large items like baking sheets to stretch across the entire basin, while still allowing efficient water management for tasks like soaking or washing up.

$1089BUY IT

Farmhouse Sink with Drainboard: Built-in drainboards often give farmhouse sinks a more vintage vibe, reminiscent of the large wall-mounted designs that were popular in the early 1900s. But they still have plenty of modern practicality. Use this easy-to-clean space as a sanitary place to dry dishes or set just-rinsed vegetables.

$729BUY IT

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink with Drainboard: This model features a small drainboard on one side, just wide enough to accommodate the occasional hand-washed dish. This piece is made from Italian fireclay and finished in a super smooth porcelain glaze.

$726BUY IT

Vintage-Style High Back Farmhouse Sink: Farmhouse sinks with backsplashes are another callback to a more vintage aesthetic, yet the practical appeal remains. The solid surface reduces the need for scrubbing compared to grout and tile – no more need to fear the splatter when rinsing sauces that can stain.

$1749BUY IT

Genuine Marble Stone Farmhouse Sink: For a truly classic look, this polished marble farmhouse sink cannot be beat. The creamy color and embellished scrollwork along the apron would fit well within a range of kitchen themes from Tuscan to French country and beyond. The stone will require periodic resealing, but otherwise the beauty is well worth the added maintenance.

$1169BUY IT

36-Inch Light Wood Farmhouse Sink: A wooden sink is a delightfully unexpected addition to any kitchen, sure to spark conversations among your guests. This design is made from eco-friendly bamboo that has been smoothly sanded and securely sealed for sanitation.

$719BUY IT

30-Inch Reversible Wood Farmhouse Sink: This reversible bamboo farmhouse sink features a fluted design on one side and a smooth finish on the other. Like all bamboo sinks, these breathtaking designs require special care. Avoid soaking dishes in the sink and remember to apply a food-safe wood sealer annually. The upside is that these sinks can be refinished in case damage occurs, just like any other wooden object.

$2246BUY IT

33-Inch Burnished Copper Farmhouse Sink: A burnished finish gives this copper farmhouse sink a spectacular antique look, great for rustic and classic kitchen themes alike. Copper sinks are especially unique because they will develop an authentic patina over time, only becoming more beautiful with age.

$1049BUY IT

36-Inch Real Copper Farmhouse Sink: This lightly burnished copper sink features a double basin, the right side a little smaller than the left.

$1029BUY IT

33-Inch Smooth Copper Farmhouse Sink: This sink really shines with its smooth un-hammered surface. This design features a single-bowl construction with a flat front, crafted from 16-gauge copper for lasting durability. Each one includes a matching strainer and stopper, or it can be purchased with a disposal flange and stopper.

$399BUY IT

33-Inch Bronze-Tone Farmhouse Style Sink: This sleek and attractive sink is crafted from economical stainless steel with a durable bronze finish that readily resists scratching and staining. Each one includes a protective dish grid, a matching drain strainer, and accessories essential for installation.

$479BUY IT

Brass Tone 36-Inch Farmhouse Sink: Looking to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen design? Finished in a brilliant gold tone over high-grade stainless steel, this spacious single-basin farmhouse sink will retain its luster for years of enjoyment. This piece is available in a small selection of flexible sizes from 23 inches to 36 inches.

$2698BUY IT

Hammered Nickel 25-Inch Apron Farmhouse Sink: This kitchen sink is constructed from thick high-grade recycled copper, then nickel-plated for a radiant shine. Add this to your kitchen for an instant glam factor upgrade.

$3223BUY IT

Nickel Short Apron Farmhouse Sink: This recycled copper sink is plated with radiant nickel, constructed with a shorter apron for a more subtle look. Sound-dampening pads are built in to reduce the noise of robust cleaning sessions.

$989BUY IT

33-Inch Composite Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink: This granite composite farmhouse sink is engineered using the latest technology to resist the effects of heat and impacts, the non-porous surface allowing for excellent sanitation. This is a double basin design with an extra low divider to accommodate the largest and smallest tasks.

$699BUY IT

Granite Composite Farmhouse Apron Sink: Granite composite construction allows this modern farmhouse sink to withstand thermal shock, scratching, staining, and more. The surface is enriched with silver ions for an antimicrobial effect. Each one comes with accessories to transform the sink into a functional prep area between uses.

$699BUY IT

Green-Grey Farmhouse Kitchen Sink: The uncommon horizon gray coloration of this farmhouse sink makes this piece a must-have for those who are looking to complete a cooler kitchen color palette. For more traditional color palettes, this piece is also available in a range of common neutrals.

$379BUY IT

33-Inch Black Farmhouse Sink with Accessories: A silky matte black finish makes this farmhouse sink a smart fit for the most modern kitchen themes. The finish is applied over durable stainless steel. Each one comes with a gorgeous wooden cutting board, a drying rack, a basket strainer, and a protective bottom rack.

$329BUY IT

Black Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink: Curved aprons offer another way to ensure that your sink catches the eye from any angle. This one is made from 304 stainless steel with a brushed black finish. Each one includes a protective bottom grid.

$999BUY IT

Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink: This handsome Kraus sink is made using a granite and quartz composite material that resists impact damage and thermal shock. This design is available in a range of versatile neutrals to suit any kitchen theme.

$1674BUY IT

36-Inch Geometric Black Farmhouse Sink: This gorgeous Kohler sink puts a hyper-modern spin on the farmhouse format. The surface decorated with geometric facets for on-trend appeal. This piece is available in black and grey colorways.

$389BUY IT

Glossy Black Undermount Farmhouse Sink: Glossy finishes are a little more difficult to track down for black-finished farmhouse sinks, making this model a satisfying find. This design is made from durable fireclay and includes a protective bottom rack and a basket strainer.

$399BUY IT

Stainless Farmhouse Sink in Multiple Sizes: Stainless steel is a longtime favorite for kitchen sanitation, and farmhouse sinks are no different. With no coating to chip or crack, this farmhouse sink provides a super durable solution for the most rigorous usage.

$759BUY IT

Double Farmhouse Sink Stainless Steel: This stainless steel sink measures at 33 inches across, divided into two basins and finished with an elegantly curved front. This piece is also available in bronze and matte gold.

$359BUY IT

Short Apron Farmhouse Sink: At 30 inches wide, 22 inches from front-to-back, and just over 9 inches deep, this stainless steel farmhouse sink is a stylish yet compact solution for smaller spaces. This design is fully padded and insulated to prevent condensation while also dampening noise.

$259BUY IT

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink: For a more minimalistic look, this flat-apron sink is sure to delight. This design includes a convenient cutting board to transform your sink into a worktop and a convenient track-mounted colander for rinsing fruits or vegetables. Full padding ensures a quiet everyday experience.

$522BUY IT

Top Mount Farmhouse Sink: Ease of installation sets this farmhouse sink apart from the rest. This design features a top-mount design, meaning that the edges can overlap your countertop cutout rather than fitting beneath. This makes it compatible even with laminate countertops. For even more flexible compatibility, this Kohler design features a short apron to fit standard cabinetry.

$670BUY IT

Two Basin Stainless 36 Inch Farmhouse Sink: Gently curved corners give this stainless steel sink a slightly softer look while maintaining its minimalistic appeal. This two-bowl design includes a roll-up drying rack and an antibacterial cutting board – both fit right on the inner ledge of the sink to create a convenient worktop.

$325BUY IT

Polished Stainless Steel IKEA Farmhouse Sink: Even IKEA offers stylish farmhouse sinks for the home. This design is made from stainless steel with two basins and curved easy-to-clean interior edges. Measuring at 30 inches wide and 18 inches from front-to-back, this IKEA farmhouse sink is a smart fit for smaller kitchens.

$585BUY IT

Fluted Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink: Decorative stainless steel sinks are a bit of a rarity, but this one surprises with its stamped apron design. Use this sink to add a little bit of ornamentation to your kitchen while retaining the easy maintenance that stainless steel sinks are prized for.

$1458BUY IT

Earth Toned Concrete Farmhouse Sink: This farmhouse sink design is handcrafted using a combination of cement and a natural jute fiber for added strength. The warm earth tone is a fantastic selection for kitchens that use a lot of natural materials, or for kitchens with a more rustic or Tuscan influence.

$1496BUY IT

Concrete Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink: This gorgeous concrete farmhouse sink features a double basin design, one basin slightly larger than the other for flexibility. This piece is made from a blend of cement and jute in a dark slate color, the front flat yet curved at the corners for a sleek look.

$1068BUY IT

24-Inch Concrete Farmhouse Sink: At just 24 inches across, this farmhouse sink is ideal for small kitchens or compact utility rooms. This piece is made from a concrete and jute combination, fully sealed for easier cleanup. Select from a small variety of natural colors.

$1378BUY IT

White Concrete 30-Inch Small Farmhouse Sink: Beautiful white concrete construction makes this farmhouse sink an absolute dream for lovers of minimalism. A next-gen sealer protects this gorgeous sink from staining. Remember to re-seal as needed to ensure it retains its flawless appearance.

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A TV wall has been fashioned with contrasting wood grain units and a cool concrete backdrop. The asymmetrical layout of the units creates a cool offbeat vibe.

The chunky concrete hearth beneath the TV cabinetry serves as a decorative spot on which to display ornaments, as well as practical media items.

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The Scandinavian style chairs create a light counterbalance for the table’s dark bulk.

Elegant glass halos reflect and expand the dining room's linear suspension light. A modern fruit bowl echoes the circular shape theme at table level.

A Xiaomi Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner keeps the fresh apartment interior looking spick and span.

Architectural arches build the hallway of the home, though they look more like a graceful entryway into a temple, and almost demand a moment of hush. Doors disappear into one side of the arrangement, quietly concealing the entryway closets.

A custom shelf and vanity stool make good use of the narrow wall space by the front door. A unique pendant light illuminates the small vanity mirror, along with a decorative vase and reed diffuser.

Globe lights accentuate the length of the arched hallway design, and emphasize its curve.

We enter the master bedroom via the closet, which is separated from the main area by a slatted partition wall. A large rug carpets and quietens the sleep space.

A strip light blazes across the bedroom wall, offering bright reading light over the modern platform bed.

There are elements of Wabi Sabi in the bedroom aesthetic, where small cracks and pitting pattern an imperfect concrete wall finish, and artwork is propped quite impermanently on the floor.

Unusual bedside tables add natural balance to the arrangement. Another reed diffuser adds calming scent to the room.

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