“Industrial Home Interior With Energising Yellow Decor” plus 1 more

“Industrial Home Interior With Energising Yellow Decor” plus 1 more

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Industrial Home Interior With Energising Yellow Decor

Posted: 19 Feb 2021 06:45 AM PST

Bright yellow accents create a current of energy through this 97 square metre home interior, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Visualised by ToTaste, industrial style decor leaves rooms characteristically rugged around the edges, whilst modern furniture cleans up the aesthetic. The energising yellow elements explode at regular intervals over distressed feature walls, statement lighting, accent furniture and contemporary art. Raw grey concrete ceilings and smoky grey fabrics neutralise the vivid colour palette, and natural wood additions have a softening effect. A glass wall workspace attaches to the living room to expand the floor plan, whilst we find the bedroom tucked away under an inked ceiling with a unique illuminated 4 poster bed.

A chevron feature wall stripes the back of the kitchen, bringing a blast of pattern to the open plan living space.

Track lights outline the room, creating atmospheric mood lighting after dusk.

A modular sofa splits into two parts, giving the lounge area an L-shaped border. An eclectic pair of coffee tables mix modern and rustic vibes.

A bold yellow stripe strikes down the TV wall of the industrial living room, where it becomes a 3D element as it overlaps the TV stand.

Typographical art makes another striking statement next to the TV. A yellow lounge chair pulls up by the record player and a vinyl storage nook.

Yellow trimmed curtains pool onto a custom built wooden window seat that runs the full length of the room.

The lounge furniture arrangement is bound together by a yellow patterned area rug. A cosy throw spreads the vibrant accent colour to the grey sofa.

Retractable glass panels section off the home office, providing options for quiet solitude or social connection.

With the office wall retracted, the workspace links seamlessly with the living room.

A cantilevered desk cuts across the open space, affording the work area with direct view of the living room without cluttering the visual flow with support legs.

A tan swivel chair complements the rich wood tone desktop. Hints of yellow interrupt the grey walls.

A headphone stand tidies up the live edge home office desk, whilst an adjoined bookcase keeps paper clutter at bay.

Additional bookcases line the wall of the study, and supply a comfortable reading nook with a plethora of material.

Distressed industrial panelling sets the yellow theme of the apartment right at the front door.

A sliding wood panel takes away the corner of the study, improving the easy open flow.

Moving back into the main hub of the home, huge yellow kitchen pendant lights drop yellow colour bombs into a black and grey decor scheme. Black swivel bar stools line up in front of an industrial styled kitchen island with a textural wood grain fascia.

The built-in window seat becomes a banquette bench around a black pedestal dining table. Cheerful blue dining chairs furnish the other side.

Pipework builds an industrial themed frame around the kitchen island.

In contrast with the warm wooden island, cool polar blue base cabinets make up the main kitchen run.

The backsplash cutout features curved corners to smooth off the room's rugged industrial edges.

Tall units house the integrated oven, a coffee bar and appliance station.

Open kitchen shelving and edge-to-edge cabinet handles make parallel lines of wood grain, sandwiching a luxe golden faucet. See more unique faucets.

A slender black chimney extractor threads between the kitchen island pendant lights.

In the bedroom, inked script creates intrigue and an additional canopy over a unique 4 poster bed. The bed base sets down a soft green velvety foundation for the beige scheme.

Exposed bulbs burn around the top frame of the bed, lighting it up as the dominating dramatic focal point of the room.

A painting adds elegance to the TV wall at the foot of the bed; a long vanity mirror balances out the other side.

Reflective black glass closets and a glass wall ensuite bathroom double and triple the effect of the illuminated bed feature.

Shades of muted green and soft greys meld naturally with warm oak flooring.

Leaf sculptures decorate the deep wooden sill, which doubles as a window seat.

The small vanity table presses into the corner of the room to leave a walkway around the bed. A faux sheepskin rug adds cosy texture by the side of the bed.

Decorative vases embellish the neat dressing table in a simple black and white pairing.

The curtained walkway into the ensuite bathroom gives access to the closets on either side. A red pouf contrasts brightly with the green drapes.

Inside the ensuite, a freestanding bathtub stands out crisply against a dark and moody backdrop.

Grey bathroom fittings blend with the dark decor, whilst a perfectly white ceiling prevents the shadow palette from appearing oppressive. See more inspiration for dark interiors.

The bathroom's glass wall brings in natural light from the bedroom, and makes the layout feel more spacious. The toilet is tucked around the corner for privacy.

White linens and a white vanity countertop freshen and define individual areas against the black background. An illuminated mirror keeps the vanity aesthetic clean and simple.

The second bathroom in the home has a lighter look, with light grey tile and wood grain.

This time around, A multi-bulb bathroom vanity light adds a decorative touch. See more ideas for bathroom vanity lights.

The main bathroom also doubles as a laundry room.

A washing machine and tumble dryer stacks in a space saving tower at one end, inside a unit with an integrated laundry basket.

You can view the 360 degree panorama here: (Visit the post link if you are reading through email)

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Artisan Home Interior With A Playful Sense Of Scale

Posted: 18 Feb 2021 06:45 AM PST

Right from the get-go, architects Maryna Grechko & Sergey Makhno found common ground with their client over a deep admiration for Ukrainian materials, furniture and designer objects. The homeowner knew exactly the mood that she wanted to create for her 255 square metre, one floor home in Kyiv. The Ukrainian clay and ceramics swiftly told the earthy colour story, and created a whimsically playful sense of scale. Huge sculptures have populated the rooms with peculiar wildlife and wondrous tactility, whilst enormous pendant lights hover like extraordinary stone rain clouds. Get ready to discover unique delights around every turn in this inspiring home design; a collaborative artisan masterpiece.

We begin this unique home tour by taking in the terrace, a shaded spot with a blissful backdrop of landscaped greenery. An outdoor L-shaped sofa hugs the border of the terrace, creating a cosy lounge feel around a large low-level coffee table.

Two woven rattan poufs stretch out the seating plan around a focal piece of sculptural wall art. A comfortable reading chair and a small wooden side table face into the arrangement.

A modern outdoor fireplace burns beneath the unusual artwork, set on a long hearth that stores the wood pile at one end.

A TV set rests against the wall of the house, making use of the free space between two windows.

Behind the outdoor lounge, a timber platform warms the terrace both by texture and tone.

Inside the luxurious living room, massive black and white pendant lights float in a cloud-like cluster above the layout, as if an indoor storm were brewing. A huge TV and an equally large fireplace complete for star status down at floor level. Two lounge chairs pull up close and snug with the black fireplace, where they can benefit fully from the heat of the open flame. LED ribbons outline vast wooden wall panels, adding their own glow to the room.

Behind the lounge area, one cloud-like clay pendant has made its way into a luxurious dining room design. Recessed spotlights provide a more practical supply of light around the perimeter of the setting. Traditional Ukrainian clay walls bring a warmth and deep texture to the space.

The enormous dining room pendant light stretches almost the entire length of the impressive ten seat modern dining set. The table and chairs stand in soft neutral colours that blend gently with the tranquil, natural decor palette.

A whimsical ceramic statue stands guard in front of doors that lead into the kitchen, whilst a second set of doors lead to the grand home entryway. Shelves on either side display a collection of smaller works of art and a selection of books.

The slatted dining room doors allow a glimpse into the spectacular kitchen area, even when they are fully closed. Once open, the wide double doorway brings all of the living spaces together as one massive entertaining space. The unity of colour and traditional Ukranian materials make the whole floor plan flow seamlessly and with grace.

This row of unique kitchen pendant lights descends upon not one but four separate kitchen islands. The equally sized, equally spaced volumes create a stepping stone effect down the length of the long room. Wood and white cabinets rise alongside them, adding copious amounts of food and cooking equipment storage, and housing two ovens.

The hob is situated just opposite the ovens on its own kitchen island, whilst the other three island countertops are kept clear for prep. Open kitchen shelves create a practical and lightly decorative element at either side of the double door entryway to the room. This arrangement allows line of sight to travel all the way through them and the slatted wall into the neighbouring dining room.

Clay walls give the luxury kitchen a tactile earthy vibe that beautifully counteracts the crisp white cabinets and countertops. A well situated picture window brings a garden view to the kitchen sink.

It is another kitchen window and glass door that connect with the terrace, which allows refreshments to flow directly from the fridge to the outdoor lounge.

Artisan magic drips from every aspect of the utterly extraordinary home entryway. Oversized pendant lights are sculpted into organic forms that seem not of this world. 3D clay tiles give rise to a towering focal wall that rises and rules the two story stairwell.

Among the tiles, a custom cut mirror reflects the large ceramic figure that waits diligently by the foot of the staircase. The mirror's reflection creates a perfect picture of pure whimsey, like the cover of a giant storybook.

Curved balustrades outline the sweeping staircase design with a twist of natural timber.

Circular artwork rises over the clay clad treads like a full moon.

The clay statues that appear all around the home bring character and unique personalities…

… With different facial features and expressions.

Each piece is expertly crafted with engaging detail.

Two levels of windows bring a cascade of natural sunlight into the hallway of the home.

Artisan craftsmanship spills over into the glorious bathroom design. 3D clay tiles cover the walls of this small space like the fossilised scales of a colossal reptile. The snake skin-like pattern is shed at one side of the room to give way to a terrazzo treatment that's coloured to complement the fiery orange hue of a unique bathroom sink.

Floor plan.

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The post Artisan Home Interior With A Playful Sense Of Scale first appeared on Interior Design Ideas.

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