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This 3D Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera Aims to Revive Spatial Photography

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 04:36 pm

Architect Dominik Oczkowski wants to bring back what he calls the “forgotten technique” of spatial photography. To that end, his first product is the Minuta Stereo: a stereoscopic pinhole camera that takes 35mm or 120 format film.

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Artist Converts Lunar Photos into 4-Hour Real-Time Orbit Around the Moon

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 04:01 pm

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Astronomical filmmaker Seán Doran has processed the multitude of images captured by the Japanese Kaguya (Selene) lunar orbiter into a stunning four-hour real-time journey in orbit around the moon.

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Censorship Concerns Arise After Journalist Arrested for Photographing Protest

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 03:32 pm

Freelance photographer Andy Aitchison was recently arrested in the United Kingdom for performing the duties of his job: documenting an event. Aitchison was tasked with photographing a protest, and after he concluded his business and uploaded his images, he was arrested at his home.

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Yongnuo Announces the YN685 II Speedlite for Canon and Nikon

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 02:30 pm

Yongnuo has announced the second-generation YN685 Speedlite for Canon and Nikon cameras that makes minor changes to the flash’s performance without straying too far from the original design.

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Sigma's New I-Series Hoodie Design Feels… Uninspired

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 01:54 pm

If you’re a big fan of Sigma’s latest lenses, the company has just announced new ways to show that love. Sigma has added three new t-shirt designs and one new hoodie. While the t-shirts depict optical formulas, the hoodie design seems… uninspired?

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36 Awe-Inspiring Sun, Moon, and Milky Way Photos of 2020

By Michael Zhang on Feb 01, 2021 01:25 pm

The popular outdoor photo planning app PhotoPills has picked 36 of the best Sun, Moon, and Milky Way photos captured by photographers in its community over the past year. If you need some photo inspiration and enjoy night sky shots, this is the gallery for you.
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2020 CIPA Figures Confirm the Expected: It Was a Rough Year

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 12:34 pm

CIPA, the Camera and Imaging Products Association, has published its final report of camera sales and volume for 2020 and the numbers confirm what was expected: the annual downward trend of the market has continued, with 2020’s numbers further damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not all bad news.

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This Photographer Made a 3D-Printed Miniature of Himself for Tiny Scenes

By Michael Zhang on Feb 01, 2021 11:47 am

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Photographer Mathieu Stern came up with an interesting way to combine macro photography and “self” portraiture: he had a miniature version of himself made through 3D scanning and printing.
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ON1 Makes Good on Promise, Adds Plugin Support for Capture One

By Jaron Schneider on Feb 01, 2021 11:17 am

ON1 has announced that its Effects, Portrait AI, Resize, and HDR plugins are now compatible with Capture One. The latest versions of these plugins were announced last year with the promise for Capture One support “soon.” That promise has been fulfilled.

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A Look at Symmetry in Photography

By Nicholas Goodden on Feb 01, 2021 11:12 am

I recently discussed the rule of thirds and leading lines in photography. In this article, I’ll cover symmetry and include some of my own symmetry photography examples to illustrate this.
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