Tune-in to SCAD's deFINE ART

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Exterior shot of SCAD Museum of Art and Rose B. Simpson's 'Countdown' exhibition now on view. Courtesy of SCAD

Encounter urgent ideas and pivotal artists at SCAD deFINE ART 2021, honoring Sanford Biggers

This year's unprecedented deFINE ART programming, happening Feb. 23 - 25, includes a series of virtual conversations and a new season of exhibitions at SCAD museums featuring evocative works that encourage greater reflection on the narratives we inherit, the identities we create and the roles we are expected to play, and ultimately offer a sense of hope for the future.

SCAD deFINE ART 2021 transforms uncertain times into opportunities for connection and contemplation, uniting our university and local communities with artists across nations, generations and mediums.


SCAD's deFINE ART  |  Feb. 23 - 25  |  Register at scad.edu/defineart


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