Is one weekly workout enough? | Best boxing kit | How to nail a full press-up

Can't wait to lift weights in the gym again? Perfect your form with this no-equipment workout

If you're counting down the days until gyms reopen with more excitement than you feel about the second series of Lupin, we hear you. Unlike watching an addictive TV show, preparation is key when it comes to returning to the gym, so use the next three weeks to build a strong, powerful foundation that will support you under a barbell. 

This bodyweight circuit by Strong Women trainer Janine George does exactly that, using just three moves to perfect your lifting form by strengthening your core and improving your posture.

"Bear crawl rows can be improve your coordination, while swimmers are great for improving posture and form, by strengthening the lower back, shoulders, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, core and upper back," says Janine. "Whereas windshield wipers require a lot of stability and will build a functional core to see you through lifting weights." Think of this workout as our gift to you before hitting the squat rack again. 


Which is better to drink when working out – cold water or warm water?

"How exercising with strangers helped me overcome my fitness anxiety"

The idea of working out in a class full of strangers might fill you with dread. But for one writer, virtual exercise sessions with a group of women she'd never met was the best thing she's done for her body, mind and fitness regime. Here, she reveals how joining this community has helped her overcome her workout anxiety. 



Have bare-fisted boxing sessions helped get you through lockdown? Try this kit for heavyweight workouts at home or in the ring      
RDX / £24.99
Forget smelly studio gloves – the sweat-wicking lining on your own pair will keep hands fresh
Gymshark / £30
This roomy bag can hold all of your kit, and the padded straps are gentle on tired or sore shoulders
Dope Ropes / £17.99
Speed up your skipping with a lightweight rope that makes quick work of double unders
Reebok / £75
These well-cushioned, strong-soled shoes will keep you grounded during striking combinations
Lululemon / £38
Adjustable, pull-on wraps keep your wrists safe when throwing high-force jabs, crosses and hooks
Adidas / £55
Kick high and slip freely with loose fleece shorts made from resistance-free, sustainable cotton

"I finally managed a full press-up after doing this 8-week workout plan"


Improve muscle function with magnesium-loaded egg cups that are perfect for brunch

In a bid for better workouts, you may have tried energising supplements or post-workout Epsom salt baths. But don't overlook the essential minerals in your meals that also support your muscles doing their thing. 

These egg cups are loaded with them, including magnesium – found in yolks – which is responsible for muscle and nerve function, helping to power you through your workouts, as well as repair your body afterwards. You'll also find a big serving of potassium in the sweet plantain, essential for proper muscle contractions so you can wave goodbye to post-workout cramps. Plus they make a delicious addition to any brunch menu, so it's win-win all round.


Is working out one day a week enough to keep you fit?

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Stylist's digital editor-at-large Kayleigh Dray finds out if a natural yoga mat can help her feel more zen

What? Supawell Monstera Cork & Rubber Yoga Mat, £50

What is it? A hand-drawn botanical printed yoga mat, made from natural materials.

The verdict: "I am very new to the world of yoga, and have been making do with towels and blankets instead of a mat – which is a purse-friendly approach, but I've been slipping around all over the place. Keen to see if a proper yoga mat would make much difference, I tried this ridiculously pretty botanical mat, which promises to help ground and balance its users and is made from eco-friendly materials.

At 4mm thick, it keeps me nicely cushioned from the floor, making for a much more comfortable workout. It's grippy too, so my feet don't slip all over the place – even in socks. It's not too heavy to carry around either, and it doesn't curl back up after it's been unrolled. Plus it holds tight to the floor, which has made me feel much more confident about attempting some of the trickier balance moves.

At £50, it's on the more expensive side when it comes to yoga mats, but it's worth it in terms of sustainability alone. And while it hasn't transformed me into a yogi guru just yet, it's definitely enhanced my workouts – and I have a feeling it's the sort of durable purchase that'll last a lifetime (or, at least, until my yoga dabbling is well and truly over). I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new mat to get their zen on."


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