Microscopic robots deliver drugs to the brain

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March 31, 2021

Book Excerpt From A Most Remarkable Creature

By Jonathan Meiburg

In Chapter 15, "Above the Falls," author Jonathan Meiburg recounts an evening on a research expedition near the Rewa River in Guyana.

Early Training Forestalls Motor, Memory Difficulties in Mouse Model of Rett Syndrome

By Laura Dattaro

Manipulating the activity of neurons active during training had similar effects on the mice's behavior.

Microscopic Robots Deliver Drugs to the Brain

By Asher Jones

Researchers turned white blood cells called neutrophils into drug-smuggling "neutrobots," which penetrated the blood-brain barrier to treat brain cancer in mice.

ICYMI: Toward Better Data Sharing

By Sergey Plis and Vince Calhoun

The network effect can improve the ways that biomedical researchers collaborate.


Infographic: Envisioning Macrophages

By Ashley Yeager

Researchers find different distributions of the immune cells in young, older, and diseased eyes.

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Optimizing Organoid Growth

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