The 21 Best Sports Movies of All Time

We all love a good training montage. But some get us more pumped up than others.
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The Best Sports Movies of All Time
There are few things that'll get you from zero to ready-to-bust-down-a-wall in 30 seconds. A Kool-aid commercial for example. A better example is the sports-movie training montage. Rocky, Remember the Titans, The Karate Kid—all home to hill sprints/ab crunching/bench-pressin' that will, through the power of a good '80s synth bop or Meek Mill verse, send you straight into... well, not quite an exact replica. What you end up doing is probably more akin to busting out a couple pushups in the corner of your living room. You know what else is awesome? Sports movies, in general. So we took it upon ourselves to list our favorite—and what we deem the most triumphant—sports movies of all time. It's not on this list, but we have to quote Dodgeball here: "It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him!" (Only Esquire is the "him" here, if you got that.) Read More
Uniqlo's Wildly Popular AIRism Face Masks Just Got an Updated Design (and New Colors)
Consider how much time and energy goes into wearing a bad mask. The constant back-and-forth of slipping and readjusting. The fogging of glasses. The uncomfortable tugging at the ears. It's frustrating—and unnecessary. Just ditch the Bad Masks and stock up on some good ones. We've got a whole list of options for you there, but if you don't feel like scrolling through it, just click on over to Uniqlo and get some of their newly—and colorfully!—redesigned AIRism masks. An update on an already-popular style, these new masks use a triple-layer construction with a built-in non-woven filter and a swath of that all-important AIRism fabric—soft, silky, and breathable as it is—that sits against the skin. Read More
Timex's Affordable M79 'Coke' Colorway Just Got Even Better
Thanks to its distinctive colors, the kind of split, red-and-black bezel you see on Timex's newest iteration of the M79 has earned the "Coke" nickname in watch circles. Granted, that moniker has a lot to do with another watch company with "ex" at the end of its name (the black-and-red Rolex GMT-Master II, the spiritual successor of the original "Pepsi" GMT-Master), but the striking design language has become a part of the greater watch world's lexicon at this point. And if you're in the market for an affordable (but reliable!) automatic watch that scratches that particular aesthetic itch, you can't go wrong with the M79. Read More
The Best Outdoor Speakers on the Market Right Now
An outdoor speaker has to be as tough as the undercarriage of a four-wheel-drive SUV in the Rust Belt. Snow nor dew nor torrential downpour should make its wires futz out. It has to be powerful, too, to fill the open air with the sound of a carefully curated summer playlist (alt hits from the '90s mingled with country bangers from the '00s mixed with a few uptempo viral top 40 numbers). And it must do that playlist justice with audio quality that doesn't sound muddied no matter how loud it's playing or how far it's projecting. But the design of an outdoor speaker is up to you, the person whose money will fund the speaker and whose playlists will populate the airwaves. And you have some options. Read More
Here's How You Can Take a Stand for the AAPI Community Right Now
Over the past year, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) reported nearly 3,800 cases of hate-related behavior from the time the pandemic began to this past February. The majority of those incidents included verbal abuse, but 11 percent of them also involved physical violence. Then, on the evening of March 16, a 21 year old white man went into three different spas in the greater Atlanta area and killed eight people—six of whom were Asian-American women. Though police are declining to report on a motive, it's clear that the Asian American community is hurting right now and was hurting before March 16. America has—in the past year and beyond—a major issue with hate crimes against AAPI people. Trump did not invent anti-Asian racism, but the former president's use of "the China virus" and the "Kung Flu" over the past year, have led to a rise of anti-Asian hate crimes that have ranged from verbal abuse to being spat on and physically attacked, all the way to murder. US Rep Judy Chu posted on Twitter, "As we wait for more details to emerge, I ask everyone to remember that hurtful words and rhetoric have real life consequences. Please stand up, condemn this violence, and help us #StopAsianHate." Though no protests or demonstrations have yet been publicized, there are several ways you can educate yourself, speak up, and donate to help curb the violence against the AAPI community. Read More
If You Still Don't Believe Dylan Farrow in 'Allen v. Farrow', It's Time to Ask Yourself Why
I deserve to feel ashamed for how I used to think about Woody Allen, writes Esquire's Dom Nero. It was almost ten years ago, but he'd defended him. More than shame, though, the haunting experience of watching Allen v. Farrow makes him understand that the question of whether or not you believe Allen abused Dylan Farrow has nothing to do, really, with Woody Allen. It's not really about Dylan Farrow, either–though she certainly deserves to be validated after all the decades of trauma she's suffered. It's something about the way Allen defends himself on a 60 Minutes interview, saying, "Be logical about this. I'm 57. Isn't it illogical that I'm going to pick this moment in my life to become a child molester?" And he goes on to insist, "If I wanted to be a child molester, I had many opportunities in the past." It's something about us–about men and how we are raised to view women. It's that unspoken agreement we have when all the women leave the table, when we're a few drinks in, when we nod our heads around that word we use so much to describe them. Crazy. Read More
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