10-minute kettlebell workout | World’s greatest stretch | How to become a PT

This 10-minute workout helps you get stronger from head to toe with just one kettlebell

While we all know strength training with weights builds muscle and makes you stronger, it also helps you move easier when you're not doing reps. Functional training, as seen in this workout, supports your body as you move through chaturanga in yoga, lift furniture when you're moving house, or haul your overpacked suitcase onto an airport conveyor belt (let us dream).

If that's your aim, pick up a kettlebell. "Kettlebells are an extremely versatile piece of kit because their shape and the way they're held means that you can manipulate them differently through fluid movements such as swinging, pulling, throwing, or carrying," says Strong Women Training Club trainer Risqat Fabunmi-Alade. "You can plan an entire workout around a kettlebell and manage to train for strength, power, endurance and hypertrophy."

The swings, squats and snatches in this workout are great because they work your core, glutes, shoulder and more. So grab a KB and get to it with this 10-minute workout – you'll feel the benefits long after you've stripped off your sports bra.



Everything you need to know about becoming a personal trainer – from PTs themselves

Playing with the idea of turning your love of fitness into a full-time job? Here's what three successful female personal trainers wish they'd known before taking the leap, and their top advice for making it in the industry. 


Move over kale – 3 reasons why you should eat more of this leafy green instead

This is called the 'world's greatest stretch' for good reason – here's why

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Top up your zinc levels for stronger bones with this chocolate smoothie bowl

Protein is an undeniably important nutrient if you want to get stronger – it helps muscles rebuild microtears in the tissue caused by training. But don't let the hunt for gains detract you from other essential nutrients – particularly zinc. As well as supporting the immune system, it also plays an essential role in bone metabolism (to prevent osteoporosis) and mineralisation (creating hardness and strength in the bones), helping them to withstand lifting or pressing heavy weights.

This smoothie is the chocolate-coated way to pack in more zinc, thanks to cashews and cocoa. Serve up for a pre-workout breakfast or a sweet afternoon snack to settle cravings and your body's needs. Protein shake, step aside.  


8 reasons why indoor cycling provides more than just sweaty cardio

Strong Women editor Meriam Ahari finds the trainers of her dreams thanks to a combination of style, comfort and functionality.  

What? Allbirds Women's Tree Dashers, £120

What is it? A technical running shoe made from natural materials that are engineered for enhanced performance.

The verdict: "The customer rating on these trainers is a 4.8 out of 5 stars and it's easy to see why – I'm hard pressed to find a fault. I'm not one for flashy logos or colour, so I love their sleek, minimalist style – the tongueless-design and sock-like ankle makes them so smooth to slip on. An impressive breakdown of the materials is available online: the knitted covering is made from eucalyptus trees, the midsole is created from sugar cane, and the removable sockliner is made from castor bean, which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam.

I've been wearing them for everything from HIIT and walks to runs and strength training for weeks now – and every time I've felt not only supported, but comfortable. There's added cushioning along the heel to lock your foot into place and the midsole is engineered to cushion impact and return energy. 

Besides being a beautiful, functional shoe, the trainers are carbon neutral and their dual-density SweetFoam™ midsole is made with the world's first carbon negative green EVA. If a sustainable sneaker can still be sexy and practical, I don't know why all brands can't do the same."


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