4 ways to train your brain to have a better morning routine

Historically, there has primarily been one main route to NBA stardom: Play high school hoops, then NCAA college for at least one year. Until a player signs that first pro contract, he or she is largely prohibited from earning any money from the sport, at the risk of NCAA ineligibility. Over the years, universities have made billions of dollars from TV broadcast rights, advertising and apparel deals, video game licensing, and more.

Now a new league being launched by sports media company Overtime is going to pay six-figure salaries for the best American basketball players aged 16 to 18 to bypass college, and start cashing in on their brand value now, while also dedicating themselves to basketball pretty much full-time. 

And since it is a media company, the new league will also allow Overtime to serve up a steady stream of teenaged sports drama and entertainment to its more than 40 million social followers. 

It's a fascinating experiment that appears to be combining the academy system of global soccer giants with Amazon's All or Nothing doc access.

So how do you start thinking about how to design a brand-new basketball league and system from scratch? Read more here. 

Jeff Beer
How this startup is redesigning pro basketball for the creator economy

Part hoops factory, part TV production house, the Overtime Elite League is like nothing sports has ever seen.

The sharing economy’s next target: Business-to-business

Some parts of the sharing economy took a big hit during the pandemic. But businesses sharing with other businesses is poised to be an incredibly lucrative model for the future.

How Microsoft’s new $16B acquisition could bring AI to your doctor’s office

The tech giant bought speech AI pioneer Nuance as part of a push into healthcare. But transformational speech transcription algorithms may still have a long way to go.

We are in a climate emergency, and the world needs bold action today."
Patrick Flynn, vice president of sustainability at Salesforce
To fix America’s infrastructure, the U.S. government can’t be afraid to fail

A new report from the Brookings Institution argues that the U.S. should invest more in R&D and be more willing to experiment.

work life
4 ways to train your brain to have a better morning routine

A few simple tricks can transform your morning productivity.

‘Black Panther 2’ is supposed to film in Georgia. Why are Disney and Marvel so quiet?

Why ‘Black Panther 2’ could be Hollywood’s biggest platform to denounce the Georgia voting laws.

tech tips
10 time-saving Windows keyboard shortcuts you should be using

Screenshots, dictation, emojis, a super-cool clipboard, and more. Work smarter with these handy Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

This hilarious book depicts what your racist grandpa thinks antifa is up to

Political cartoonist and activist Matt Lubchansky’s ‘The Antifa Cookbook’ may have created the definitive piece of satire about the conservative mindset.

What to know if you just got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Don’t worry. The first thing to understand is that the risk of blood clots seems to be extraordinarily low.

Clean beauty is now a $1 billion business. Just ask Beautycounter

The Carlyle Group took a majority stake in the 8-year-old company, valuing it at $1 billion.

Editor’s test: Can Outdoor Voices’ new workout dress replace its cult-favorite Exercise Dress?

The brand’s new Athena Dress is made from the same stretchy, sweat-wicking compression fabric as the company’s original color-blocked leggings.

These 8 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door

Plants and flowers make the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or just regular old pick-me-ups.

Coinbase comes to market: What you need to know
The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is joining the Nasdaq today. Its listing is historic in that it’s the first major crypto exchange to go public in the United States. 
Instead of going public via a traditional IPO, the San Francisco-based company has chosen a direct listing. It will trade under the ticker symbol COIN.
Nasdaq has given COIN a reference price of $250 per share, but there’s no way to know if that’s what shares will start trading at. Market demand will dictate the starting share price.
As of Tuesday, bitcoin was trading around an all-time high of $63,753.
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