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Fans of gripping historical fiction will love this witchy debut novel

The witch trials that swept Europe and North America between the 15th and 18th centuries have long fascinated many, not least for what they tell us about the role of women at the time (many academics have observed that accused witches tended to be women whose looks or behaviour didn't conform with the era's narrow feminine ideal). Published today following a six-figure deal, Elizabeth Lee's debut novel Cunning Women (Windmill) is set in Lancashire in 1620, eight years after the county was rocked by the infamous Pendle Witch Trials. And it proves that the subject of witches is as ripe for exploration as ever.

"'Cunning women' was a real-life term for women who made a living off their supposed magical abilities, selling herbal tinctures, love charms and other folk remedies for everyday problems," says Stylist Loves' deputy editor Moya Crockett. "Lee's novel follows Sarah, a witch's daughter who knows she'll have to take up her mother's trade one day. Their isolated family is viewed with deep suspicion by the local villagers – but when Sarah befriends Daniel, the local farmer's son, she thinks another life might be possible. With a painfully unexpected ending, this is a story about loneliness, connection and female rage that fans of intensely atmospheric historical fiction will love." £14.99, Bookshop.org

Six planet-friendly buys to mark Earth Day 2021 – find out more here
Neighbourhood Botanicals / £28
From the UK's first carbon negative beauty brand, this facial oil is full of squalane and vitamin E
RE=COMB / £16
Only 7-11% of the world's plastic gets recycled – these combs give materials destined for landfill and the ocean a second life
Small Beer / £15
This B-Corp certified company meets the highest sustainable standards – their pale ale is packed with tropical flavours
House of Bilimoria / £13
Upcycled from fabric offcuts, this made-to-order sleep mask will help combat summer's pre-5am sunrises
Baukjen / £99
Ethically made from a special wood fibre viscose, this shirt is created using 50% less water than generic viscose
Yala Jeweleery / £35
Zero-waste brass pendant + 14k recycled gold chain = the sustainable necklace your jewellery collection will love

5 recipes to try if you love noodles, whether you've got 10 minutes or 2 hours

Add these new-to-the-UK viral skin stickers to your anti-maskne arsenal

Now that lockdown is easing, you may be dabbling in wearing foundation or concealer after months of bare-faced bliss. But if your skin is less than cheerful about the combination of masks and make-up, we suggest taking inspiration from TikTok. Blemish stickers are a surprise Gen Z favourite – and buzzy US skincare brand Peace Out, which arrived in the UK yesterday, is the skin sticker creator par excellence.

While it has a handful of products, Peace Out  – which launched in the US in 2017 – is best known for its Acne Dots, which have been the #1 acne product in Sephora North America for the last two years. These fleshy, sticky little patches use hydrocolloid polymer technology (normally found in bandages to limit scarring and promote healing) to soak spots in a potent yet soothing blend of salicylic acid, vitamin A and aloe vera leaf extract. The Stylist Loves team has road-tested them, and can vouch that they really do suck the bad stuff out of blocked pores and shrink angry under-the-skin spots down to a more manageable size. They're designed to be left on for six hours or more, so are ideal for wearing overnight (or on days when your diary is Zoom meeting-free). Plus, they'll stop you unconsciously picking at your face – which is half the battle, right? £17 for 20, Boots

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