Analogue Quartets Are Back in Stock

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The Analogue Quartet
Want to sample four of our fabulous films before buying a full pack of 5 or 10 rolls? Then pick up an Analogue Quartet and experiment with two magnificent monochromes and two creative color-shifters – four rolls of 35 mm film for four times the fun – each packaged in irresistible individual tin cans and a free mini Keychain to boot.
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The Famous Four
Sample a roll of LomoChrome Metropolis, LomoChrome Purple, Potsdam Kino and Berlin Kino with the Analogue Quartet. Create your own color crescendos, high-contrast harmonies and monochrome melodies. Take a closer look at the famous four.
"A must try film! Especially for portrait and street photography."
— Hut, Mostly Candid
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"It's kinda become my main colour film at the moment […] I love the fact it has a variable ISO and that can affect the outcome, that really opens up what you can use it for."
— Marcus Smith
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"The soft contrast lends itself well to clean light, the open shadows allowing the subtlety it catches to really retain texture while keeping the subjects exceptionally detailed, but not aggressively sharp."
— Daniel Schaefer
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"The grain is smooth and the contrast is really beautiful, I like the grey tones and the true black tones that you can have with this film."
— Matthieu Aghababian
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We'd like to thank the following people for their photos: Hut - Mostly Candid, Marcus Smith, Daniel Schaefer, Matthieu Aghababian, Khalil Kwok & Peter Bedrosian
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