Final week of Humor Month. Here's what you missed...

karl shmidt do you know what today is? Ok, yes, it is the day of the Oscars, but what else? Well, yes it's also Hairstylist Appreciation Day (something I think we all appreciate more these days).

No, I was thinking about the fact that we've only got 5 more days of our 30 Days of Humor left!

If these unprecedented times have taught me anything, it's that that laughing is easier than the alternative. Trust me, I tried (more on that in a second)

Yesterday we held our final Open Mic for this month. These sessions are a team favorite as they allow us to interact with you directly and share a laugh together. Whether you've joined as a performer or viewer, thank you, we had a blast!

We've also opened the doors to our first (virtual) humor gallery. If you haven't already done so, click here to enter and enjoy some cartoons, images, tweets, and gifs on the topic of humor at work. You can also share your thoughts on each piece. We'll be sharing some of our favorite comments after the gallery closes.

If you're sat here thinking, "Why do you need humor? Just give me the facts." You're in luck because I did just that. I decided to see what it would look like if I took out all of the humor from my TEDx talk on the skill of humor. The result is a way shorter, way less engaging video (according to moi, of course) I'm curious to see what you think, click here to watch my 7 minute No Humor Humor Presentation.

1. Monday - Case of the Mondays - "What's Wrong With Funny People" - Streaming Live on Facebook
2. Tuesday - Humor Talks with Special Guest -  Streaming Live on Facebook
3. Wednesday - Humor Writing Workshop - Click here to secure your spot.
4. Thursday - Community Showcase Show - registration opening up soon
5. Friday - Humor Awards Final Show -  Streaming Live on Facebook

That's it for now, I'll follow up soon with soon with more information. Thank you again for celebrating humor with us!

(an)drew tarvin


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