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Melbourne Design Week invited participants to "design the world you want", and the creators, curators, makers and thinkers filling out this year's program – at the NGV and other sites across the city until April 5 – have all responded with gusto, probing the potential for material culture to radically alter our reality. For 'Future Inheritance' at Truce in Collingwood, art director Marsha Golemac called on 20 artists – including Jessica Murtagh, whose work is shown – to consider how value might one day be ascribed to objects that seem humdrum today, revealing the ways in which tokens and talismans can expose truths about our current moment long after it has passed.
Furniture purveyor Cult is at the forefront in helping customers sustain, retain and maintain classic design, and its Melbourne Design Week exhibition 'Cultivated' is a fabulous journey through the life cycle of a piece. Statistics reveal Australians discard 800,000 sofas and 1.65 million dining tables yearly. The innovative Cultivated program was established in 2013 by Cult's founder, authenticity and sustainability activist Richard Munao, offering buy-back, refurbishment and recycling services for aged or end-of-life design. From rejuvenated mid-century chairs to reignited 1950s lighting, Cultivated plays an important role in the circular economy of authentic designer furniture – as shown in the retrospective and accompanying short film.
Focusing on trailblazing women whose homes act as a canvas for their artistry, A Room of Her Own roams through Italian palazzos, New York apartments and a Mexican hacienda. Author and photographer Robyn Lea gained access to the private sanctums of 20 artists, writers, designers, jewellers and curators including Australian fashion designer and artist Heidi Middleton. Each abode is stylish and sophisticated and evokes its owner's rich inner stories.
To mark its 40th anniversary year, Cooee Art has opened a new gallery space and auction house in Sydney's Redfern that brings together major works by many of the country's most acclaimed First Nations artists. The luminaries represented in the inaugural group show – titled 'Cooee: Come Here' and on view until April 10 – include Yaritji Young, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori, Vincent Namatjira and Freddie Timms, whose incredible map-like compositions trace the refuges of the Gidja people after brutal encounters with colonists, as in Killarney Bore (pictured).
Intrigued by what's new and next? The very definition of luxury in a post-virus world is about to shift dramatically, says Australian-born, Paris-based trend expert Philip Fimmano of Edelkoort Inc. who will present his forecasts in a series of seminars to be held in Melbourne on April 8 and in Sydney on April 15. Co-hosted by David Clark, the Trend Union events will encompass new concepts in architecture, decorating, food, fashion, wellness and travel, including the colours and sustainable materials of tomorrow and the smaller, smarter spaces favoured by conscious clients. Tickets cost $295.
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