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Welcome to the new issue! We've shoved knowledge into every nook and cranny, including advice about not only how to survive COVID-19 but how to manage the perpetual worrying about surviving COVID-19. Getting through pandemics is hungry work, too, so we examine the magic of cheese, the perfect snack to accompany magazine perusal. And we help you get better at concentrating, meaning you can focus on our stories to such an extent that details like working and paying tax just fade into the background. There's also a load of stuff you had no idea you needed to know about, but which you will be so glad is out there now. Thank you so much for your support. Happy reading!
The coronavirus vaccine: is it safe?
Alongside wild conspiracy theories, many people have raised doubts over approved COVID-19 vaccines. Is their dose of scepticism well-founded? Read More
Beat the burnout
How science can help you get the better of pandemic fatigue. Read More
Sweet dreams are made of cheese
When milk and microbes come together, there's no doubt something wonderful happens. We asked a food scientist how a choreography of chemistry, biology and psychology make cheese the ultimate food.

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A scientist's guide to life: How to concentrate
This issue, we tackle… oh, hang on, wait a minute, I just need to let the dog out, now what was it again? Psychologist Dr Nick Perham from Cardiff Metropolitan University explains how to concentrate.

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