How to build healthy money habits for the future

Want to be more mindful with your money?

As our lifestyles have shifted over the past year, so have our financial needs. And, while money can be a very stressful part of our lives, growing your financial confidence can improve your money mindset and alleviate this stress. On Saturday 10 April, we are hosting Money Rally to help you build healthy money habits and use your money to create the future you desire.

Join us for a morning of discussion and an afternoon of practical workshops where you will hear from Gemma Cairney, Ruby Wax and a selection of financial experts as we explore the meaning of financial freedom, the relationship between money and success, and help you banish financial fears. 


Tickets are £9 and include access to all live panels, a workshop of your choice, one month's free access to SmartPurse's Digital Money School and a digital goody bag to support your learning. Plus, content will be available to watch for three weeks following the event, so you don't need to worry about missing any of the action.


10-11.40am: What does success have to do with money?

Success very rarely comes easily and we all learn the hard way that our failures mould us into successful women. Chloe Gray, Stylist's digital fitness writer, and Jude Kelly, co-founder of SmartPurse, discuss the ups and downs of the journey to success and money with Gemma Cairney, Ruby Wax, Emma Sayle and Amanda Thomson.


12-1.40pm: Your money mindset

Why do we think negatively about money? Jazmin Kopotsha, Stylist's deputy digital editor, and Olga Miler, co-founder of SmartPurse, will explore our attitudes towards money with panellists Dr Leyla Hussein, Catherine Morgan and Christine Luken. We'll challenge each other – and you – to think of money in a more positive light, talk about how to develop healthy habits and discuss what financial freedom means for us.


1.40-2.30pm: Expert-led workshops

Three workshops tackle your most common money concerns; choose which to join, depending on your personal financial health journey. Discuss practical tips for your money in sessions devoted to: overcoming debt, streamlining savings or boosting investments.


11.40am & 2.30pm: Mindfulness session

During this break, Nahid de Belgeonne will guide you through a session using breathwork, gentle somatic movement and restorative poses to help you recognise the physical sensations of fear, and breathe through them.


2.45-3pm: Habits to start today and a plan of action for the next six months

Our Stylist and SmartPurse hosts come together to reflect on the earlier sessions and go through your workshop sheets. At the end of the day, you will leave with a boost of self-confidence and a practical plan on how to take control of your finances.

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